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graysqwrl 05-17-2010 11:37 AM

100 year old floor tear out and relevel joists
Ok... this project is probably about a year off, but I'm starting all of my preparation now.

I bought a craftsman home about 2 years ago and it needed a lot of work.. I knew that going in. The foundation was brick and I had it replaced with a brand new concrete foundation that conformed to the 2009 earthquake standards (I'm in california). I'll finish paying off that bad boy within the next 6 months.

They did a solid job as there was probably about 6" of slope in varying directions throughout the house. Now I have a pretty consistent 2-3" slope from front to back. Before they poured the concrete I asked why they couldn't get it more level and they said they did the best they could, but were worried about structural integrity if they did any more shifting to the house itself. Fair enough... the company has been doing this for 30 years and they fixed about 80% of the problem. He told me to rip out the floor and level it from the joists. so......

Because of the slope, my doorways are going to look screwy if I just sister the joists to raise/level the flooring, so I have to go to the studs, right?
I'm going to have to gut my entire first floor and redo everything including the ceiling to make the first floor look correct, eh?

I was hoping to tackle the home in individual projects, but I can't help but thinking I'm going to have to do the entire lower floor at once. Any suggestions?


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