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MrLinux 03-11-2008 04:03 AM

1.75" room / floor transition
I have a room to room transition that is causing me issues. I have a tile
hallway to a tile laundry room that has a 1.75" transition between the
two rooms. It's in a path that doesn't get used a lot so it's easy to
forget that it's there and I've kicked it a few times or put my foot down
on it mid-transition while carying something and it's caused me some
issues. The fact that it's tiled is an issues because there is a sharp / crisp
edge on the tile transition.

The hallway to den transition has the same 1.75" difference but it's
carpeted and it's the main path and it's easier to train your self that
you have to step differently there...

Anyway... I'd like to put in a ramp of some sort that is 1' deep, 3' wide
and has a 1.75" rise over that 1' run.

Are there any pre-maid ramp materials that I can use for something
like this that I can find at home depot or lowes? Is there a 'standard'
for doing something like this?

( FWIW: the slab height difference is between the garage and the
rest of the house. The garage enters the hallway and has 4 doors....
2 doors ( garage and office ) are at one level and 2 doors ( laundry room
and den ) are at the 2nd, 1.75" level. )


Bud Cline 03-11-2008 02:19 PM

The first thing that comes to mind is carpet shims to make your transition gradual. You would have to stake these to get your 1.75. This type of shim is also available in a rubber product.

You could also do this using ceramic tile.:)

A cabinet shop could make a reducer from either wood or solid surfacing material.:) There are several ways to do this.

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