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Snav 08-24-2009 02:49 PM

Two fun projects done
Took 2 days to build them and 2 days to finish. I just wanted a new desk that was custom built to take advantage of the entire "office corner" in my livingroom and we needed a coffee table.

Both pieces were just made up, no pattern or anything like that, from scrapwood - very old scrap - laying around the carport and yard. Some of it had a lot of horrible damage but had some very very nice grain and unique patterns to it, I just had to put it to use.

The desk is made from 1"x1' oak slats (might be ... maybe it's teak?? No clue) for the legs and back support. The top is a 2x4' 3/4" birch-plywood that I was using as a spray-off guard for other projects. The "skids" on the bottom of the legs are 1x1" railing-studs leftover from when we built our deck.
Finish is red mahogany with 3 coats of poly - one more to apply, tonight
I cut the top on a diaganol for two reasons - one, because a diag cut gives more elbow room when you're at the desk but, also, because our only spot for a desk is in a corner next to the entertainment center ... leaving 1/2 the desk tucked away and somewhat useless so the diag edge will situate the user towards the depth of the corner instead of the shallow of it. (make sense?)

The second project is a coffee table fit for a king ... well, my whole family to sit at. Since our diningroom is under mega reconstruction we've been eating at plastic containers in the livingroom and it drives me insane.
So, I built the coffee table at 30" x 54" so we can actually use it as a temporary dining table until I get the diningroom finish (so hoakey, I know, but so it eating at plastic containers all the time)

The center of the piece is, also, birch-plywood which has an incredible, dramatic grain to it that's just awesome - but it was partially rotted, run over with a lawnmower among other offences - the damage of which I've removed and after removing it I decided to just make that removed damage be a center of design and crafted the edgework and legs to give it an "old world" look.
The edgework is, actually, pine furing ... the scrappiest of the scrap ... but it's that "scrappy crap" look that makes me like to use it in furniture and such ... it's always so pocket, pitted but it can look very nice if you give it enough tlc.

The center is stained with a brown "Early American" and the legs and edgework are done with red mahogany.

Now that these two projects are done I can get to work on my pertinent issues like finishing walls and so on.

Brandon19 08-24-2009 03:29 PM

looks medieval but cozy. i like the table.

DangerMouse 08-26-2009 09:24 AM

nice! i always keep scraps of hardwood, especially if they're already planed. if nothing else, they make great clamping blocks.
but usually i can find 'that piece' of whatever wood i need in the scrap barrels or in the hardwood storage area out back.


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