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lucasdotcom 11-19-2008 03:38 PM

Sink for my garage.
This project is pretty much a continuation of my other thread where I detailed the build of the utility closet in my garage:[/url]

There was already a drain in my garage for the emergency overflow for the floor heat boiler. I saw this right away when I was looking at buying the place and started thinking about the possibilities. :drool:

Here is a link to the entire album:

I still need to get a towel holder and few other little things. The biggest thing that I need to do is clean everything up again; sawdust, PVC dust, dirt, and varnish are pretty much covering 95% of the garage right now. I’ll take a few more pictures and add them to the album once I get everything cleaned up. I learned a lot of different stuff on this project. Nothing was really that hard. Plumbing the drain was a bit of a pain because I had to deal with all of the floor heat tubing, but it turned out OK. Making the drawer was a little tough; it didn’t fit right initially, but I was able to massage it with the table saw. Oh yeah! The big hole under the counter on the right had side is properly sized for a fridge that I can get at Menards or a “beverage center” that I can get at a few different places.


PS - There is a 10 picture limit so visit the link to the album above to get a better idea of the step-by-step progress.

After getting the closet finished up I bought all of the supplies for the garage sink.

Varnishing and edge banding done:
Plumbing the drain:
Plumbing the supply lines:

Putting everything back together:

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