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DR_MCGILL 12-23-2013 06:59 PM

Project on our first home - rotting wood and door replacement
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Hi everyone, First post here. This forum looks like a great community!

The attached pictures (bottom of the post) will give the best story, but let me give some details. Hopefully someone has come across something similar.

There are two doors in the kitchen that open up to the deck in the pictures. Something has deteriorated the bottom of the doors (mostly the frame of the doors and on the outside). We believe the previous owners threw salt out the doors to clear a path rather than shovel it, but who knows for sure. Anyways, the deterioration of the doors appears to have went all the way through to the basement ceiling (the 2 pictures with black wood). The wood in the basement ceiling is rotting. During our home inspection the inspector stuck a metal rod through the black part of the wood rather easily.

Has anyone seen this before and is this fix as easy as replacing the small part of the wood that has rotted, replacing the doors, and making sure everything is sealed properly? Or could this be a bigger problem?

I'm wondering what the possible intricacies of this project will be, i.e. having to take up some of the hardwood flooring in the kitchen or anything like that. As many here, I lack the handy man experience, but I am a big do-it-yourselfer. Thanks.:thumbup:

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joecaption 12-23-2013 07:10 PM

Hard to tell from some sideways pictures covered in leaves.
About 90% of the time it's because the deck was attached directly to the side of the house without water proofing the wall and flashing the ledger like it was suppose to be.
If it had of been built free standing none of that damage would have happened.
It's a major job to fix this.

That damage to the coil can be fixed by removing and replacing it if you know someone with a metal brake or replacing the whole piece with PVC lumber.

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