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Progress with Nw Barn Staircase!

I've been away from the barn for a long time working on my new house. The upstairs studio is finished, but access had been hellish at best, up an old flight of 2X stairs, way too steep for the total rise, with no railing, etc...

(I had uploaded 13 images with pictures from way back before the ledgerboard and new wall. Since limited to 10 pics, I cut it all out and am starting with more immediate stuff.)

Downstairs now.Window is gone, nice French door installed. Rebuilt the entire wall a long time ago. Had to change a bit when the window was removed. Since sheathing is vertical, I put in all that horizontal nailing.
Note old stairs in foreground.

"Build the landing!"

Landing, with semi finished upper flight, but hang on....
(If you look closely you can see the left side rim joist is bumped out from the wall by about 5/8". This is explained below...)

Stain grade work I'm quite proud of. Mitered outer skirtboard. Small gaps under nosing was intentional and will be covered by cove molding. Everything else is totally scribe fitted, brilliant. SYP for treads, #2 pine for trim.

UNderneath the upper flight. Wall side stringer is screwed into 2X4 spacer, other end has a wall underneath it. The header at the top was in lieu of a joist hanger, and also to anchor the middle stringer with a nice 6" timberlock. Bottoms of risers will soon be screwed to the back of the treads. Everything is glued down. ALl three stringers were mounted to a 3/4" plywood "hanger board, and screwed in from behind, then hung from the double floor joist, in addition to aforementioned supports.)

You can see the space left by the ledgerboard will require a lot of messing with. THe floor from the studio is sticking out past drywall, and joist ends were cut off by me with a chainsaw. I think my best bet is to wire lath and plaster. The two walls line up perfectly (I planned this way back when I built the 2X6 wall in place of the beam. Wanted it to be one continuous wall with sheetrock). THe little bit behind the skirtboard I wanted to get in before the board. Took awhile with chisel, skill saw/sawzall, etc... to get it clean. That joint will just be durabonded and taped no trouble.

But let's get back to the other wall and lower flight:

Ran into a little snag. The PT post in the right corner was installed plumb. THe rest of the wall was retrofitted to hit the sheathing flush, and is rediculously out of plumb. Spent half the day furring the wall to the same plane as the post in the corner, for seamless drywalling. It paid off bigtime.
(I had already framed the landing in the same plane as the post.)

Spray foamed all the gaps, then stuffed in some fiberglass, in anticipation of someday heating the place.

Got this nice fit on the first try.
The 2X4 was installed as a spacer for drywall and skirtboard between framing and stringer. The angle was determined by first dryfitting the stringer and scribing the wall line.

As far as I got today.
Stairs were built in anticipation of a new 3+" concrete floor poured. Thus, the lower stringers are temporarily raised with a few 2X12s and shims. The lower wall skirtboard was plum cut to meet the door trim. The door now requires a perfect 1/2" extension jam.

Both wall skirtboards terminate so as to allow seamless union with a 1X6 baseboard.
The entire assembly is screwed together with 3" and 3 1/2" coated deck screws, star drive. Only nails were 15g finish nails to attach skirting and risers.

Please stay tuned for more progress, including railing work.

I welcome any questions or comments. This has been an emormous amount of work and I'm quite proud of it.
This has been my second staircase. Some of you may have seen the earlier thread where I rebuilt my porch. Basically the same stairs, except here one side is against a wall, and they have a landing in the middle. I can't honestly say that this one has been any easier than the porch.
The planning and layout have been just as challenging as building. The challenge was to fit a staircase with a code-passing rise into the small space. I also wanted as deep a tread as possible.
I wound up moving the upper landing slightly to allow for a full 11 1/4" tread. I was able to use a 7 11/16" rise. You can see I cut it pretty closein terms of almost hitting the doorway.
I spent a good full day planning this all out on paper and scratching my head and marking lines on walls and headers before I cut the first framing member.



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just wanted to add the earlier pics.

here's the beam still in place, totally mangy and sagged. had already built the new wall to carry the floor from the right side.
the floor on the lupper eft would come out soon:
there was originally a doorway coming through where the new wall is, and the old stairs originally ran up across the picture to the left. you can see the stairwell at the top of the picture.

Part of the beam hacked out, and the post extended to the floor. Here you can see the old doorway through the new wall, and the existing wall framing on the left, minus the new PT post i put in.

slightly cleaned up. double post would soon be removed entirely. I wound up opening up the drywallig and installing a triple 2X4 to carry the beam above, along with a 45 degree brace.
check out the stairs in the foreground.


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Dorf dude...
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Boy, your beams look like mine! In cars they say rust never sleeps, worms never sleep in old houses. Dorf Dude...
Today is only yesterdays tomorrow, Now get to work!
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