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1st_House 06-30-2009 09:46 AM

My Master Bath FULL Remodel. -LOTS- of pics.
-Guess how much I spent- Seriously!

My bathroom was very cramped before. Both my bathrooms are the same size, so I made what I could out of this one.. I finished it in January or early Feb.. I've been looking for a Home Improvement forum since. I'm gonna need some help on my Fire place next.. I don't know how people can spend sooooo much money on a bathroom! But now I know to use Dur-rock next time and not drywall, even if it is moisture resistant drywall coated with RedGuard.

Here's a copy of a thread I posted on another board: Guess what the grand total came to... Questions and comments welcomed, I did all of this myself.. :yes: I grew up helping my father with home projects, and I'm a pretty handy... man..... :laughing:


I did all this in about 3 hours.. Gotta take the protruding wall out on the left to make the shower bigger. (It's the kitchen pantry) Gonna do a full tile shower with two or 4 heads.

Tomorrow is going to be the demo of the wall, drywall and green board install and the initial layout of the shower.. The shower head before (current) was about pointin at my darn chest.. Drove me nuts, and all the plumbing was loose.

Got a new Vanity, Medicine Cabinet and a nice Light/Fan Combo for the ceiling.. and some plumbing stuff... Gotta go get drywall, green board, spackle, 2x4's and misc hardware tomorrow.

1st_House 06-30-2009 09:47 AM

Again, dated from Jan/Feb time frame..


Installing the greenboard tomorrow. Was supposed to do that today, but I'm just slightly behind schedule.. Not bad tho..

Got all three shower heads plumbed today... Yes I said three.. I ended up having an extra Rain Maker shower head, so I mind as well stick it in the ceiling! Just accidentally chopped thru some insulation while I was taking the drywall back a bit more.. Oops.. No biggie..

Anyway.. Here's the updated pics.. Got the pantry knocked out and blocked off.. Framed the shower out today, and plumbed it.. Too tired to do green board right now and the Camaro is taking up garage space that I need..

As far as where'd I learn this?? I grew up in the construction trade, so this is in my blood.. And I was always helping my father with stuff like this when I was growing up, so I finally have a house that I can mod as I see fit.. so I do it..

I got PVC because it was more than half the price and easier to work with.. I'll throw the vales in the mixers tomorrow and connect the H/C systems and pressure test it..

This is gonna be the tall guy's shower!!

I could have plumbed this third shower head differently, but I realized it after I drilled the holes.. Oh well.. It's not at an extreme angle anyway.. Gotta find a diverter valve for it.. Or the top one will run all the time with the left one..

1st_House 06-30-2009 09:50 AM

My buddy helped me get the tile started.. I finished the rest...


Got the green board in today.... Tiring.. Gotta redo the ceiling eventually, tho.. not bad.. My buddy's got some extra drywall we can use.

I got the system pressurized and holding water after two small leaks.. I pressure tested everything first, before the GB install.

Enclosed this in the wall...

Got some of the tile up this evening.. We were both hung over..

You gotta see it in person, it's a bit lighter tone than the camera makes it out to be.. It'll go AWESOME with the brushed finish hardware!!! The red stuff on the walls is the moisture barrier; RedGuard.. It's like paint on/roll on RTV for the walls and floor before tiling.

My bud Jason doing some of the tiling..... Well, most of the complicated stuff..

What's up now..

I made a template out of drywall for the "Home Plate" shaped pieces for the edge of the back wall, then I just cut the line or a little more..

Switches for fan/light installed and wired... New digital dimmer installed..

1st_House 06-30-2009 09:56 AM

I mesh taped the ceiling. I don't know why it did that.. I'll fix it one of these days.. I may hire someone to get it right.. shouldn't be much to fix a small ceiling.


ALMOST DONE!!! Got the floor done today and put a coat of finish/sealer on the shower tiles..

Sorry for the blurry pic

YEah, I know, the ceiling looks like crap!!! The right piece for drywall was bulged.. it's my first bathroom. redo.. so sue me. I didn't notice it till I saw that pic..

1st_House 06-30-2009 10:00 AM

TA-DA!! 99% done..

Actually, STILL 99% done.. I just grouted the moulding trim tile on the floor and around the sink and fixed the hole in back of the mirror.

Man, that "Renovation Nightmares" show is all too true!! There were points towards the end where I had to go BACK to Lowe's for supplies after I JUST got started for the day.... Man, I was just spittin bullets pissed off at times... "AM I DONE YET!! Goin back to Lowe's AGAIN!!"


Don't mind above the shower, or the hole where the light was in back of the mirror, on the top.. I still have to grout the floor trim and the trim on the back of the sink..

But other than that, I'm amazed! Talk about a sense of accomplishment!

RyanD 06-30-2009 10:03 AM

Nice shower heads, three? Do they all come on at once or can you control the separate? ;-) Did you use green-board in the shower, I think that's a "No No". Looks really nice though.

1st_House 06-30-2009 10:12 AM

^ Yeah three shower heads.. The left side are two rain heads controlled by the right mixer, and the right is a handheld controlled by the right mixer. Sometimes I turn all three on just because I can!

And yes, that's green board... I know now to use Dur-Rock next time.. I was watching some Shower reno's on youTube and I saw them using the Dur-Rock. I think it's a bit more of a 'bite' for the tiles and less chance of failure.. The tile wasn't cheap, but it wasn't expensive... about $800 for all the tile.

And you're from Mass, eh? :D I'm originally from CT, about an hour shy of Boston.. I still have family back home, but I don't claim CT anymore... I claim southern Mass... :laughing:

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