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Snav 04-27-2010 10:45 PM

My house progress so far - over the years
Over the years. HEAVENS - I really hoped by now I would be done with the whole stupid house! :laughing: Yeah - a flipper I am not

This remodel has been going on for so long that I've lost a LOT of the 'before' photos for the rooms, due to several computers dying on me - I gave up trying to save them all. So sorry! But TRUST me when I say the house NEEDED this makeover and even the unfinished floor looks better than it did before :)

2005 we bought the house, just barely begun to demo the livingroom and unexpected child #4 was on the way and then my husband deployed stateside for most of that pregnancy and then deployed overseas just days after he was born. Fast forward - husband returned injured in 2007 and still hasn't fully recovered, many surgeries later (which is why I'm doing the work by myself).

Before he left, however, we started to do some random things - we concreted our mailbox into a whiskey barrel. LOL!
We painted our porch-poles to look like brick, which now seems REALLY cheesy, but I've had compliments over the years.
Started to construct a brick 'rail' on either side of the front porch - it's not finish but thoroughly overgrown with ivy - and painted the front porch.
Planted a small garden area in front - ivy and rose vines - and I built a brick and wood trim for it, still looks cool.

So - I decided to hack away at progress. Very slow like a con cutting his way out of jail with a blade.

2007/2008 - livingroom and kid's bathroom:

1) Ripped out the hardboard (paneling - no drywall or plaster, just paneling for walls) in the livingroom, hallway, bathroom.
2) Removed 16' hallway wall to make the livingroom larger - dropped the old hallway ceiling down as a decorative concealment for the composite support beam.
3) Restructured under the house with a temporary pier and 4x4 system - I SWEAR IT'S TEMPORARY, damnit! To make up for the undersized and overspanned joists and house sag. Sistered all broken joists.
4) Removed the devil's carpet - Laid hardwood floor - it's furring strips, actually, and I freaking love it and will do it again! It isn't finished, of course, that will be the last thing I do.
5) Hung new drywall/textured/painted and all that this and that stuff (wiring, lighting, cables, etc)

Random picture of livingroom - my pickings are small and it's too messy right not to take a photo to upload (oh - it just occured to me that this is also a picture of the desk I made and the coffee table that my husband made - a day late, duuur)

6) Bathroom - gutted everything (removed subfloor and all) due to severe water damage.
7) Relocated bathroom door - no longer private to the bedroom, it is now the main bathroom.
8) Installed new tub, new pedestal sink, new toilet (and unlike the previous people who put in a crap shower stall - I actually attached the plumbing and was certain to silicone and Teflon where necessary. :mad:)
9) Tiled
10) tiled some more
11) More tile - redid problems and redid more problems - tiling was a pain.
12) 9 months after starting the bathroom I finished the bathroom - I'll never use 4x4 floor - ceiling tile ever again.

2008/2009: Outside work: deck and fence
Our house had 2 doors - both in the front - and a HUGE backyard that was useless so - I:
1) Removed the kitchen wall that separated a huge laundry room from the kitchen.
2) Knocked a massive hole in my pretty brick wall
3) Installed a door there :thumbup:
4) Built a deck - an odd design that I came up with to get the deck away from the house and out into the yard - and make room for a future smoke-pit and flower garden, etc etc.
5) Managed 1/2 acre of overgrown woods and brambles to make the backyard even bigger :laughing: It wasn't big enough.This included tearing down our jalopy shed, burned it in a massive bond fire that was quite fun!
6) Built a fence. 64 premade 8' wide, 6' high privacy panels = 512 feet of fence and a mountain of 4x4's and countless bags of cement - lots of hand mixing and digging. . . lots of freaking digging, ugh! And, no, I didn't rent an auger - YES, ALL BY MYSELF! I used my lawn-mower and hammered ground stakes to hoist each panel up into possition so I could attach it to the posts.

7) Built a partial wall to create a new laundryroom - it's just drywall, now - with temporary electrical in place. . . in the future I'll be remodeling the kitchen so that's why it's 1/2 in progress.
8) Installed an overhead porch light out front inplace of the wall sconces.
9) Installed new lighting and other little tid bit things around the house.
10) Due to the floor sagging - and then me lifting it - there formed a crack between two layers of subfloor. It grew and grew - and so I eventually fixed it, tiled over it - you can't even tell it was ever there. This is after:

Actually took a break - took full schedule of classes in college. Maintaining a 4.0 :thumbup: aiming to be an Actuary in the far future.

However, after taking the break and before starting my classes I built a new desk and my husband built a large coffee table - since our kitchen isn't completely usable as a dining area we needed something nice to eat dinner at. But he reinjured his shoulder making that - so that was short lived for him.

Back to work: Master bathroom - current project.
1) Ripped out everything, subfloor and all.
2) Rebuilt and fully sistered the undersized joists - removed the temporary support - this took forever and sucked alot, I had to bring the girders forward with new sections of girder bolted into the old one.
3) Repaired the water damaged and sagging wall (including sole plate)

Took a trip to California to visit husband's sick mother - she's fully recovered, now, and the trip was awesome - a nice break.

4) Drywall and Durrock - mud/mortar/ etc etc - you know the deal.
5) Installed new plumbing, ran new electrical

6) Detoured from the bathroom - had to deal with the septic tank and inlet line (just did this yesterday, in fact) - I had to remove the old pipe, including the portion of it that snaked from crawlspace, under the brick wall, and outside. That sucked, actually - I started working on it in the am and didn't finish 'til almost 7:00. Probably the hardest thing I've done, even the fence wasn't that hard. :wink:

7) Started painting tonight!!!

All I have left in the bathroom is:
- Plumbing the water lines
- Tile (don't worry - doing a reasonable amount, not too much)
- Modify a dresser into a 2-sink vanity
- Install the fixtures
- Install the trim

I wanted to be done with the bathroom by now (started in February) - but it'll take me another month, most likely. I've had to take on a tight schedule - working on it for only 5 hours a day or so - kids, dinner, cleaning, everything else has to get done, too.

Now that I've written this all out I kind of don't have the energy to deal with putting in the photos
Kidding - I'll have to edit them in once I locate them, I'm not sure which computer has them.
*edit* ok - found a few pics on my photobucket. Everything else must be on my other computer or a disk.

tpolk 04-28-2010 09:29 AM

really an army of one :thumbup::thumbup:

Snav 04-28-2010 03:31 PM

LOL - worn out like one, too. LOL

So - Today I finished painting in the bathroom, no big whoop. I like the colors (various shades of blue - the tile is blue/grey, too) But I'm in a money crunch so for the next few days I can't do the last bit of plumbing, I still need to buy a few little fittings.

So I think I'll start to tackle the vanity modification. I've never done this before and can't afford to screw it up so I'm going to plan it out carefull and take things slowly. . .plumbing and refinishing the tub will wait 'til next week.

There are a few things I'm having to consider for the dresser to vanity modification. It's a cheaply made dresser, for one thing, but I liked the style and it was cheap at a flea market. . . and one of the few dressers actually wide enough to put two large sinks on without a decoratively cut top and that would fit our taste and plan.

The overall idea for the dresser is to have the plumbing to be fully encased inside the dresser, nothing protruding out the back - the dresser must be flush against the wall. However, I don't want to encourage a water-damage disaster so I need to make the plumbing easily accessible from the back with some sort of a cutaway access or even partial encasement in a pvc shield to prevent leaks from causing serious damage.

I might add a false back to deepen the dresser - disguise it as a shelf with sides that comedown to conceal pipes in the back, it all depends on what I find when I start to really work on it.

Snav 04-28-2010 05:35 PM

Well, I've cut out a plywood template for the sinks - I need to finesse it a bit so the sink sits more snug in the opening but for a first go it's pretty close, I was worried it would take me a long time to get it right.

In the pic you can see the style of sink. yep - it's a utility sink from a gas station bathroom - I have two that match. I will be having the faucets re-chromed. The faucet surface attachment is a unique angle that I didn't see anywhere else so these were perfect. It's great that the faucets are in working condition because I couldn't find anything new or used that would sit right without spending a fortune. The sinks with faucets were a total of $10.00 at a Habitat for Humanity's Restore - the best place for used items.

sbentley 05-05-2015 06:10 PM

Have you been doing all of this work by yourself and your husband? That's amazing. What do you do to prepare, or have you always been a DIYer?

TrailerParadise 05-06-2015 11:11 AM

i remember reading the old post about your kitchen. i really wanted to see how that turned out, did you ever finish it?

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