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jamiedolan 10-10-2008 01:27 AM

Insulation Added in small attic & stuff organized
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R19 added to the floor of the small attic today. (about 170lnft) All the old boxes are gone and everything is organized in labeled plastic bins. The floor is cleaned and boards are secured. More wafter board added as flooring to cover insulation so there was more storage area.

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fbennett1125 10-17-2008 06:14 AM

looks good, i really need to do that to my attic. and basement. i just dont have the ambition lol.

jamiedolan 10-17-2008 07:54 AM


Originally Posted by fbennett1125 (Post 173208)
looks good, i really need to do that to my attic. and basement. i just dont have the ambition lol.

The plastic bins are a great way to get stuff organized, imo. As you can see, I number them, on all sides and the top. Then keep a notebook that lists the contents. I am getting close to 100 bins full of "stuff" (and more that are just sitting around but not organized, numbered and put away) in my house. I keep trying to sort out old junk and pitch it, but that's a slow process, luckily I have well over 1,000sqft of storage area.

The only down side to the bins is that they have gotten VERY expensive. When I first started using bins for storage about 7 years ago, I got these nice rubbermaid ones for $2.50 a bin with lid for the 18 gallon size. You really can't even find the nice ones like that any more. Now I get the generic steralite bins, and my last purchase of them from walmart was up to $5.23 a bin. Paid something like $3.32 a bin just 6 months ago for the same bins.

The Steralite bins from walmart do break and crack is it is a bin that you use frequently, so I do break some of them and have to replace them. When you have over a hundred of them around, It sure adds up compared to throw away boxes that are free. Now that i think about it, I have spent well over $500 just on those stupid bins...

But I can find things when I want them most of the time, and I have several generations of family keep sakes and stuff safely stores away, many of the things that people wish they could save, but don't have the space to. I even have a number of bins of original star wars toys and such packed away, so when they are worth $$$$$ in another 20-30 years, I have over a hundred toys new in the package to pull out and sell!


fungku 10-17-2008 10:31 AM

Lol, in another 20-30 years there won't be anybody left who remembers the original star wars. You may want to sell them before the collectors are too old to remember who obi-wan kenobi is.

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