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iminaquagmire 08-26-2013 11:28 AM

iminaquagmire's Front porch project
My parents are starting to get on in age and recently have stated having problems with the step on the front porch at their house. It was just a short concrete walkway up to a concrete stoop. Over the years animals and insects along with improper subbase had caused the base under the concrete sidewalk to wash away, leaving the concrete walk to shift and lower subsequently making a larger and larger step.

So I decided to make a small deck off the existing porch and cover it all up.

I sealed all of the existing cracks so that hopefully the base for the concrete will no longer wash away. All of the wood is off the concrete with the sleepers on the step on sill gasket and the posts on scrap composite decking. The railing is ripped down PT with inset slate tiles. I made it so that the tiles can be replaced or changed if needed. The skirting is just ripped down fencing. The curved handrail is 1 1/4" rigid conduit 90's with a coupling in the middle. I used myer's hubs to attach it to the post. I didn't want another post in the step with such a short railing but my mother still needed something to hold on to.

Something happened to my before pictures. The one with my truck is the only one I could find that remotely showed what was there. Ill have to take a board or two off and take some more showing how its was built and what was there.

Also, used the scrap to build a new set of steps inside the garage to the foyer

oldhouseguy 08-26-2013 08:04 PM

Speaking purely from an aesthetic point of view, I think it looks like one of those projects where you were forced to do something, and it ended up looking like the house was designed with this originally.

Sometimes things like this end up looking really hokey, but I think in your case, it looks really good and like it was meant to be there. To me, that is an accomplishment.

Nice job on the design of it.

I know very little about stair construction, so I will just trust you did that part right!

Two Knots 08-27-2013 07:51 PM

It looks teriffic. The grab bar is ingenious too.:)

iminaquagmire 08-28-2013 10:48 PM

Thank you. It was a long few days in the heatwave we had. Started on a nice 75 degree day and ended with a few 90+ degree days.

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