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Wow! Very nice.


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The snow is almost all gone and it's time to get back to work on the shed. I've been
working on it the past couple of weeks to put some up shelving and to install some
lights and outlets. Here are some pictures of my progress.

An exterior shot showing the doors against the sides of the shed. You can't see the hooks
holding the doors open. Without them, the doors will swing open & shut whenever the wind
blows which can be frequent in the spring/fall. I have a couple of saw horses setup to
hold my chop saw & table saw.

Looking inside to the right, you can see some shelving installed. For the right side, I
used the Rubbermaid heavy duty open wire shelving. You can also see a couple of
utility lights installed on the ceiling. I have already moved some stuff that was stored
in my garage onto the shelves freeing up space in the house.

On the left side, I have one shelf that is using these heavy duty brackets that I got
from Lowes. The shelf boards are these wide pine planks that used to be the flooring
in my family room and I had salvaged the wood to be used for another purpose. Finally
got around to using them. I had renovated my family room 5 years ago, ripping out the
dark pine flooring and replacing it with oak.

You'll also notice some small pieces of wood attached to the studs. This is to provide
enough surface area for the shelf brackets to be attached.

On the back wall, I made some a sort of work platform out of 2x4 & plywood. It's mounted
on a ledger board and also supported by some diagonal bracing. Above it, I have another
shelf. I used these shelf brackets that you can get from Lowes/Home Depot for around
$1 each. The upper part of the bracket is a little wider than a 2x4 stud thereby the
need for additional blocking.

I have my bench grinder finally mounted. I also have these speakers that I will mount
somewhere in the shed. They were bought almost 30 years ago as part of my first stereo
purchase. The woofers need to be replaced because the paper part of the cone has

On the front right side, you can see a couple of light switches being installed and a
power disconnect switch near the bottom.

On the front left side, you can see one of my Little Giant ladders being hung on a bracket.
Near the front of the picture, is one of my favorite tools - a Dewalt impact driver. It
does a great job with screws and can apply extra torque with the impact action.

Looking at the top of the shed, you can see I'm utilizing the attic area of the shed by storing
wood that was previously in my basement. Nice to free up space in the house.

My plan for today is to finish up the wiring and the shelving. I still need to also do the following:
paint the shed, dig a trench from the house to the shed for power/internet, build a ramp, remove a
stump near the back corner of the shed, and spread some more gravel.

It's good that spring is here. It was a long winter in New England.
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Since the last update, have been making some progress.

First item is cutting out a section of the trim above the
doors to install an exterior light fixture on top of a block.
If I had done better planning, I would have installed the
block before installing the siding. Fortunately, it's an easy
task with the Fein Multimaster.

Inside the shed, you can see that I finished the overhead lights
and the outlets on the back wall.

On the left side wall, the shelves are done and the same goes
for the outlets. You can also see the exterior light fixture
I will be using on the left next to the orange Multimaster.

Until my electrical trench is done, I have temporary power by
attaching a male plug to an electrical box. Longer term, this
box will be the disconnect to decouple power to the whole shed
if work needs to be done on it.

In the back right corner, that was a big tree stump that I finally
was able to pop out.

It was a lot of digging & cutting roots but it's finally done.

Here's another shot of it from a different angle.

I also spent some time clearing more dirt away from the shed.

You can see the trench is wider. I should have done it before
I started shed construction but sometimes you get fed up with
shoveling and antsy to start real construction. It's more fun
to build things then to dig dirt.

Here's a shot of the back side where the trench was made wider.

While making the trench wider, I had to pop out another large
boulder. I'm guessing that it's at least 300 pounds.

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Now that I cleared more space around the shed, I'm ready to
put back some of the gravel. Called the local gravel
company and got 2 tons of 3/4 in stone delivered.

Here's a shot of the side of the shed with the new gravel.

And the back side with more gravel.

If you don't have gravel on the ground and you get a heavy
rainstorm, you'll have dirt splashed up on the siding
like this.

So it's a good idea to put down gravel or grass around
the shed or use some sort of gutter system to minimize
dirt splashup.

That's all for now. I'll move the rest of the gravel into
a pile for future use near the shed. I'll also start
digging the electrical trench.
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Started digging the trench to get power from the house to the shed. I will
be using conduit so it has to be a minimum of 18" deep. Here's a shot of
the trench by the house.

This shows the trench running all the way to the shed.

First, I dug out the topsoil layer in order to keep this soil separate from
the rest. Then I started digging down to 19+ inches. I still have another
30ft worth of digging before the trench is ready for the wire and conduit.
Hopefully I'll be able to finish it this weekend. I have to say that I'm tired
of digging dirt.

In this picture, you're looking at my depth gauge that helps me confirm that
the trench is deep enough.

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Time for another update.

I was able to finish digging the trench. As I got closer to the shed, about 4-6 feet away, I
encountered a lot of rocks. Uggh. Seems that the original builder must have dumped the
rocks in this area. I eventually was able to clear them out and have the trench ready for

I put in sand in the trench and then laid 3/4" pvc in it as you can see from these photos:

In this photo, you can see one of the rocks that was too big for me to move so I had to
go around it slightly.

I connected up the PVC pipe and pulled 3 12gauge individual strands of wire (black, white, green).
through the conduit. I covered the pipe with more sand before backfilling with dirt. Once it was
filled in, I planted some grass seed.

I started construction of the shed ramp. First, I had to dig the footing because there is a large
slope. I put 3/4" gravel with some pavers on top to support the ramp. I also went to the paint
store and selected the paints: Benjamin Moore Heritage Red for the siding and Brilliant white for
the trim. Here you can see the beginnings of the ramp and a splash of color on the exterior.

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Here is a closeup of the ledger board that is used to support the ramp.

I used 5/4, 6" wide pressure treated southern yellow pine as the treads
for the ramp.

Did some more painting of the side. Here's a photo showing the progress
that has been made:

Hopefully I'll be able to get more painting done this weekend.


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