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casper129 08-03-2011 11:57 PM

Basement Subfloor Error?
So I started laying the subfloor down in my basement, when it dawned on me that I didn't leave an expansion gap around the perimeter of the room.. I already have the subfloor screwed down with tapcons also... Here is a picture:

What do you guys suggest I do?? Think I'll be OK without the expansion gap, as it's in the basement, and should stay relatively one temperature all the time.. Or should I somehow shorten the subfloor up?

shumakerscott 08-04-2011 01:38 AM

If you only have to unscrew it then pull it up and leave a small gap. You will regret it if you don't. If you don't want to unscrew it then it's a great excuse to buy a Fein Multimaster! dorf dude...

fixrite 08-15-2011 01:11 AM

I would just rent a jam saw and use it on the floor instead of the wall and be done with it. Save time money and the headache of having to remove and re-install the flooring

casper129 08-15-2011 01:35 AM

^ Thanks for that tip! I already took up the few sheets I had screwed down, and the rest that I didn't and trimmed them with circular saw, and just moved over what I could...

I never even knew of a jamb saw... I may have to look into getting one for the rest of the basement. I'm sure I could use it somewhere :)

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