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bkeech 06-05-2008 09:18 PM

Basement Finish With Superiorwalls
I am finishing my basement. My home was built with precast concrete walls, which provides easy drywall installation, but presents some questions (like where new interior walls meet in the middle of studs). Please post comments and suggestions and I'll share my progress.

First Plans:

Here are the plans for my basement. Basicaly a bathroom and a great room/family room.

One thing I am not sure on is the T corner of the bathroom. There is a metal pole there and I am not sure if I should frame 2x6 or 2x4's to cover the pole.

bkeech 06-07-2008 09:01 AM

Pictures of unfinished Basement
Here are some pics of my unfinished basement:

SnowUtopia 06-09-2008 10:17 AM

Looks good so far - I'm planning on starting my basement project here soon and I will be doing the bathrrom and great/media room as well. Did you just screw the framing into the concrete floors?

bkeech 06-09-2008 12:29 PM

No framing Yet
As of yet, I have not done any interiror wall framing. The other framing you might see in those photos above are the built in wood strips on the prefab exterior walls. When I do start framing, I am planning on use a power gun to shoot into the concrete.

bkeech 01-13-2009 05:30 PM

Most Framing, electrical done.

bauman84 01-27-2009 06:35 AM

Wow thats coming along great!
Do you like the Superior Walls as of thus far? My wife and I are going to be purchasing a modular sometime this fall and were thinking of having it set on these walls.

bkeech 01-27-2009 08:24 PM

I think they saved me a lot of framing, and thus money. They do provide some different solutions for nailing in blocking.

redlense 02-02-2009 02:42 PM

bkeech: I am about to undertake a basement finishing project of my own and I have the same Superior Walls foundation as you. Nice looking job with the framing and electrical :thumbsup:. How did you secure your outlet boxes and switch boxes to the studs? Also, how did you secure your vertical wire runs to the studs?

Here are my "unfinished" pics:


redlense 02-22-2009 09:02 AM

Framing Underway
The framing has begun. These pics show the method I used for securing the electrical boxes, as well as flushing out in between the Superior Wall studs. The cross-supports end up being really strong. :thumbup:

bkeech 03-17-2009 08:08 PM

I had my electrical, plumbing, hvac, and framing inspection today. HVAC and framing passed. Electrical I need some fixes. I guess my area requires tamper proof outlets, and fault circuit breakers. Plumbing I put a vent elbow, where I should have put a waste. So on to insulation. The superior walls already have foam in them for R5, which I believe is not enough. So Im thinking about adding faced insulation, but am worried if moisture problems between the foam and bats.

redlense 03-18-2009 07:03 AM

My framing is done now too :). I'll have to take some more pics. What are tamper-proof outlets? I have been installing outlets already and I hope my method is OK.

I am in the same dilemma with respect to adding insulation. I'm not so concerned with improving the overall "R" value. I'm just wondering if it might help with sound dampening :confused1:. But, I guess moisture buildup in the cavity might be a concern. I found this guide on Superior Walls website that gives some advice on adding insulation:

After reading it, I'm still not sure of the best way to go about adding insulation.


bkeech 03-18-2009 04:03 PM

im not sure what they look like yet, but they are the kid that would prevent a child or whoever from sticking something in the outlet.

bkeech 03-19-2009 03:58 PM

OMG! I went to homedepot and found that AFI circuit breakers are 40 bucks. And they only had almond colored tamper proof outlets. lol

matpap 03-22-2009 01:47 PM

i'm trying to decide whether or not I should spend $3K installing the Dricore Subflooring system in the basement. Is it worth it? Will it be warm enough with 3/4inch engineered hardwood and a foam pad. I've never been a fan of basements but know my wife would prefer our office and the kids playroom to be downstairs. I want to be comfortable and not notice much change in temperature when going from upstairs to downstairs - plus have concerns about the kids rolling around playing on a cold floor. Is it worth the $3K?

bkeech 03-22-2009 02:17 PM

I think it depends on the basement. My basement is very dry. You should do the moisture test by taping a square of tin foil to the floor on all four sides with ductape, then see if in a few days there is water. You can also do the walls this way.

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