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jimmyfloyd 01-06-2010 10:40 AM

Backroom/Pantry remodel
Figured that i would show the project I had been working on, since over the last year I have asked questions and gotten answers from people on it.

I bought the house 16 months ago, and when I got it, the back room looked like this:

roughly 6x9, 28" exterior door, 32" interior. Window was an old sash that slid on a 2x4 into the wall, with molding keeping it on track. Couple layers of pld laminate floor. Particleboard walls back and right, 1/4" masonite on the left. Beadboard ceiling.

I don't have many pictures of the Demo since my camera was missing at the time, but it started out as just replacing the door, window, insulating and drywall. Well, that was well and good til I got into the demo. When I took down the wallboard, this is what I found:

Most walls look like this: mine looked like this:

__________________________                            ___________________
|    |      |    |    |                            |__________________|
|    |      |    |    |                            |__________________|
|    |      |    |    |                            |__________________|
|_____|______|_____|_____|                            |__________________|

Not too happy with that. So that lead me to end up reframing the walls, since the corner was held up with 1 2x4 each. The framing on the door was one 2x4 on each side, with one in the middle as a header. You could definitely see that it used to me a porch before.

After getting the walls studded, I rebuilt the door frame with the proper jack and king studs, and a proper header. I did the same for the window framing as well. This was further complicated by the face that I didn't take down the exterior sheeting since there is Cement board siding on there which would be tough to match.

Once it was studded, i insulated it, ran some new wiring for outlets and exterior light, all after a GFCI outlet, and then drywalled it. This was around when I found my camera again.

(you can see the outline of the old "studs")

From there I finished Drywalling it. this was a pain for me since it was my first time, but I managed to get through it decently well.

Once the drywall was up, I started on the painting and also on the cabinets.

jimmyfloyd 01-06-2010 10:41 AM

I finally got all the cabinets in and the walls painted to my liking:

I originally was just going to refinish the original wide plank porch floor, but after finding some previous insect damage, I decided that was a no go. I fixed the few spots that were weak and seeled up any other spots I found. I then bought some 3/4" solid oak hardwood to use over it. After deciding that was going to be a lot of work, and also coincidentally finding some clearance Special order return Armstrong Grand Illusions laminate at Lowes, I went that route.

After finishing the floor I started on the coat rack and shelf:

With that stuff up I began trimming out the rest of the room with baseboard and door/window trim. Just basic 1x4 painted pine.

And the latest thing I did was start on the remaining shelves and finish trimming out the door thresholds.

And that is where I am at. i need to finish up the shelves and do the crown molding. We are most likely going to paint the back door a red color just for an accent. This was my first home remodel project, and I think it turned out well. Started out being a budget re-do, but got expensive. The cabinets, window, wiring, paint and drywall were all free (parents redid their back room right before I started) The floor, door, some outlets, and some molding was all clearance. The Studs, door, outlets, underlayment, shelves and fasteners I did have to pay for, but did find most at bargin outlets.

I have a couple other projects i did during this as well, like replacing the front door (myself), the windows (Lowes), and painting my garage doors, but those aren't really that exciting. I also have some projects in the planning stages (basement 1/2 bath, front porch, back deck) which may get started this year as well.

Thanks for the help thus far and hope I can help out where I can.

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