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'59ish Brick Ranch: Updating... everything...

It's been a week, and I'm dying for an update.

What's the haps?

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'59ish Brick Ranch: Updating... everything...

Well it's been quite a while. All sorts of things happening. So many things have broken since I last posted! Just had the a/c blower motor replaced (80's a/c central unit... not surprising..) but at least it blows better now. Recently, the main plumbing line had to be cleaned out by a plumber since my toilet was gurgling and everything seemed to start draining very slow. Lesson learned: no more draino and get your drain cleared every 4 or 5 years.

Almost done with the den. New floors are down in converted dining (old living) and den. All sorts of new Craigslist retro furniture to post. I'll hold out until I'm actually done with the rooms though. Very close, but I want to finish the detail work as well. Currently awaiting electrical advice for converting a 3-way switch to a 2-way and the other to a GFCI for the wall-mounted TV.

Soon, I want to install recessed lighting in the dining room and build a huge, simple table.

Change of plans on laundry room. According to plumber, would be very easy and inexpensive to convert outside storage room attached to dining room into a laundry room. It's wide enough too for both washer and dryer, so seems like a no brainer. I'm going to get him back out here for a ballpark quote soon of the plumbing cost.

Next priority after finishing the den and dining rooms are ripping off old aluminum/vinyl eaves siding and putting up gutters.

Then, we'll be adding a cased opening between dining and eat-in kitchen area as originally planned (load bearing wall, remember?). Then, boxing in pantry and prepping old storage room to become laundry room (plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, flooring, etc.).

So... what happened to my updates?

My mom moved in right after my last post and really kind of turned my world upside down. Since then, lots of financial hurdles have come up (house, car, medical), relationship hurdles and career hurdles. I've really not been dedicated to the house. Hoping I'm getting back into the swing of things.

Mom helped me remove the mastic from the floors and it was a total PITA and the messiest thing I've ever done in my life. Tested my relationship, investment in this house and patience. I will never take on a project like that again! Ended up scraping and squeegeeing my life away for weekends for months with mom. Went with Trafficmaster Allure flooring in the two rooms because of the dogs. So far, so good. Looks very rustic and performing very well. Does seem to show claw marks, but no scrapes at all. Very resilient.

Then, life just started happening and throwing curveballs left and right.

Switched insurance carriers for a discount to dedicate more money to projects and NATURALLY as soon as we start a project, I get a letter telling me that I have to fix 5 big things in 60 days or they'll cancel the policy... GREAT. So, that took 2 whole months. Had to redo the front porch (needed to be done, just wasn't the ideal project at the time). We removed all the existing teracotta tile since they were chipping off and had been caulked to death and were still not performing as intended. Had to rent a massive tile remover to accomplish this. The ones that weren't coming off were on there REALLY good. Then, framed around existing concrete porch and poured a sand/mix topping which to date is holding up OK. Not our best work, but we were rushed and short on funds. Wasn't enjoyable with the heat (would've preferred a summer installation), but at least it's done. While we did the front patio, we also put up 4x4 wood posts. I intend to trim these out later on with something nicer and paint them, but for now it still looks 1000% better than the spray painted frilly scrollwork supports.

Also changed the front porch light and hung house numbers. Repainted existing mailbox and really like the outcome.

Changed the entrance door to the den. Bought a new one from HD and DIY'd it (per insurance deadline given). Haven't painted the inside yet, but outside is a sunny yellow to brighten up the mood before you enter the construction house. Thought that was a nice idea.

So many projects still left, but it's nice to have a living room for the first time since we've moved in. Working now on finishing the touch-up paint and hanging art over the next 2 weeks.

Also had about 15 CY of rocks delivered to keep the dogs from bringing so much dirt into the house. We couldn't afford concrete and rocks seemed like the next best thing for a cool zen garden effect in the back yard. Turned out pretty nice, but dogs are proving to still bring lots of dirt in. Working on ultimate solution...

Installed a doggy door and also finished the side entrance wood fence conversion. We removed the remaining old chain link fence in the back yard and used 4 of the poles and the existing aluminum gate frame to build our wooden gate and wood fence. It looks really good from the outside. I'm proud of the outcome.

Finally ordered the window covering for the whole south side of the house and all of the windows in the den. This was quite pricey, but the effect has been noticeable on our electric bill already.

Had to remove the pocket doors between new dining room and the den because they were too heavy for the track and were not holding up no matter how much I tightened them. It was cheaper to make it a cased opening instead of replacing the doors so that's what I did.

Also, for all the windows in the new dining room and den, got fine steel wool and polished the aluminum. They're looking great now.

So, as you can see, so many projects have been going on. Life knows how to happen, whether you are ready for it or not!

Pics to come soon hopefully.
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'59ish Brick Ranch: Updating... everything...

Almost forgot. Also had termites in trim around front door. Was a great day finding that out. Retreated for free since it was within a year of the initial treatment.
Come by and visit our renovation 'blog': '59ish Brick Ranch: Updating... everything...
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'59ish Brick Ranch: Updating... everything...

Original Layout:
'59ish Brick Ranch: Updating... everything...-layout.jpg

Updated Layout:
'59ish Brick Ranch: Updating... everything...-updated-layout.jpg

New layout plan -- changing location of laundry room (per plumber saying it wouldn't be difficult). Changing up the hallway to gain space in the master bedroom and bathroom. Those are going to be later projects, but this is an ultimate goals type of plan.

Looking forward to getting some more money to get more of the plan into action.

Come by and visit our renovation 'blog': '59ish Brick Ranch: Updating... everything...
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