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iMisspell 10-10-2008 10:26 PM

22x22 Addition: Basement workshop, master bedroom above.
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Current house is 37x20 ranch/cottage on a 6'8" basement.

Addition will be 22x22 set back 8" from front of house extending 2'8" into back yard. Basement of the addition will be 8'8" high (for the most part) with two 4" lolly columns 7' high that a 3'6" wide hallway will rest on.

Basement will be a workshop with a small corner boxed out for a music/instrument room. Main floor will be a master bedroom and bath. Main floor will be heated via radiant heat and a direct/tankless system. Basement will not be heated intill the permit is closed with a C.O.. ( :censored: gotta love taxs)

As far as laborers go, aside from the excavator and mason, it will be myself with the help of a friend or two when the time comes to do heavy/awkward lifting and then i will hire a roofer to shingle and when the time comes a taper to mud the sheet-rock.

The floor joists will be TGI's 11 7/8 12oc for the most part and 16oc where it can be. To install the joists i plan on renting one of them "plate form jack/lifts" which some people use for installing sheet-rock on ceilings. Gonna slide the joist over the front wall onto the lift, wheel it to place then set and nail (we'll see how that goes), hope to do the same for the LVL's (1-7/8x11-7/8) if not a friend will help.

The roof will be trusses, did not want any load bearing walls on the inside (wanted to leave the floor plan open to change and not have to head back to the architect if i wanted to make changes (even though she was a wonderful person, helped me out alot).) The building inspector is great (at least for me). Already made alittle change to the stairs in the addition and he has no problem with that.

Well guess its time for pictures :)
Heres a link to an online album i started so a relative from afar can see whats being done...

As of now the basement walls are poured and the excavator will be here tomorrow to fill the gravel for the slab. Will update the pictures later tomorrow night after all that is done.

iMisspell 10-25-2008 07:21 PM

Heres some more pictures...
As it stands now, the main floor has all the walls studded out (dont have pics of that yet), the only thing which still needs to be done before the sheathing is finishing off one window.

If you want to peek at all the pics, you can look here:

Rub-r-wall, drain board and vapor barrier

Load of shell for the slabs base (they added a small rock base on top the shell and then compacted)

Setting lolly columns for the hallway platform (you can (kind of) see the slab base).

Back basement wall, where 6' french door will be:

Working the i-joists into place:

Nice and strait :)
The "C" clamps are holding two 1-7/8 x 11-7/8's LVL's for nailing.

Will post back more as soon as more pictures are taken.

shumakerscott 10-26-2008 12:25 AM

Your moving right along. Keep the updates coming. Dorf Dude

Termite 10-26-2008 03:11 PM

Looks like one heck of a project. Posts like these are a great resource for people that don't understand how buildings go together to get a basic idea of what's going on...So keep those pics coming!

iMisspell 10-26-2008 07:58 PM

As long as i rember to take them, will post pics right up till the end.
Need to keep a photo album to show my aunt, she grew up part of her life in the house (was my grandmothers house) so sharing them here is not a big deal, specially if it can help someone else.

Main floor studded out, just a few odds and ends which needed to be done before the sheathing.

A pic from below.
The two columns are for a hallway; where the sun light is shinning through, above the wooden ladder, will be a stair case. At the end of the hall will be a landing (7-8" drop) then down 9 stairs (i think, cant rember right now) to another landing then the remaining stairs will shoot towards the back of the house (towards the camera).

I wanted the basement height to be at least 8' but that caused a problem with the current house. The current house is only 6' 10" from slab to bottom of floor. And the side door on the main floor was causing a problem also, there would be no head room even after opening up the current doors height, so thats the reason behind the columns and "blocking" on top of the 2x10s for the halls joists.

The dark line just to the right and above the far column is apiece of angle iron (theres one on the back side also) which sandwiches the 2x10s, blocking and the LVL which lays on top of all that so the LVL does not roll. I didnt feel comfterbul with an "end-cap" from keeping it from rolling.

Front of house, right window still needs the sill.
Being ive been framing this alone, i put up all three walls in two sections apiece (10'ish and 12'ish) and staggered the top and bottom plates 16". The bottom plates where longer and then i ran an extra stud up to rest the top plate on to make it easyer to set in place. The walls would have been to heavy for me to kick up and set in place if the window headers where in place while building them flat on the floor, so i just framed the king studs and then whent back and finished them off.

Originally i was gonna frame two windows but fill them 16" oc and sheath over them - so later down the line, if the next home owner wanted to add windows it would be eazy for them... well... when the ball got rolling that idea whent out the window :)

Back side:
The 45 you see at the top right was to tighten and strengthen the walls.
If you where to grab a stud on the opposite side and shake it with some force you could see the top of the wall where the 45 is, jiggle a little. Im sure when the the truss are in place it would have made it nice and solid, but i wanted to make it solid before that (let the truss do its job and hold the roof, let the wall do its job and hold the truss).

On the front side, the addition buts up to the side of the current house (addition is set back 4" from the current house face). On the back side, the addition buts up against the back side of the house (addition is set back 2'8" (zoning set backs would have whent farther but didnt want to deal with a variance)) so when the trusses are set the "gable" end which will be next to the current house will not sit directly on the corner of the wall and a small "filler" wall will have to be run on top the current roof just under the additions look-outs (gonna cut the current roofs shingles, flash for this winter and blend every thing in next summer when the current roof gets replaced) so that 45 will be hidden in a wall.

Heres the back conner where the addition ties in.
The 2x4 nailed to the face of the siding was used as a saw guide and also will temporally hold the siding on till next summer when the siding will be replaced. After ripping strait up the wall, i tucked and nailed a 2x4 behind the t&g planking (current house is all t&g, walls and roof) and then later filled in the gap with a few 2x4s which the addition ties into.

Full back side view.

Did some sheathing today, but thats kind of rough for one person to do with out scuffling. Hopefully a buddy will stop by during the week and help finish it off.

Nov 4 the truss will be in, cant wait.

Will post some pics once the sheathing is done.

wombosi 10-26-2008 08:18 PM

very nice work man. you do this professionally?

iMisspell 10-26-2008 08:53 PM


Originally Posted by schmolze (Post 177217)
very nice work man. you do this professionally?

wow, thank you very much.
No i dont, im a machinist by trade (12 years).

This is the first time ive ever done something to this extent.
Heres just about all the history behind me which brought the confidence to give it a shot...
Being a machinest i read blue-prints all day long (house prints are different, but the learning curve was not bad) and working in a machine shop creates a mechanical sense of doing things. In the past ive put a small deck on my parents house, built alot of tree forts when i was little and liked to play with legos and lincoln logs, ripped out a grage door and framed in a swing door and window, gutted my bathroom and made a TV cabinet and DVD rack, but thats about it. When i was in my mid-to-late teens i helped a friend who was an electrician so ive been a couple houses which where being built. When i started this project i feel so lucky in that the architect was great, she was a knowledgeable sweet-heart and explained so many things, the inspector here is good, have a friend who has framed in the past who showed me little things which have helped out and this forum has help alot too.

So with all that, knowing my limits but pushing them, here we are.
So far its been a great combination of things which has brought these pictures.

iMisspell 11-06-2008 09:08 AM

Dropped the trusses off tuesday, the 4th, later that night a friend help put them up. 17 trusses in 2-1/2 hours, i pre-marked where the trusses would lay a couple days earlier...

You can also see in this picture the mini wall which will run up the current roof to tie into the back wall (explained above how the addition walls tie into the house). The wall will be 3-1/2 shorter then the truss closest to the house (kind of like a dropped gable) so the short studs can butt up to the end of the last truss and sit on top of the mini wall and hang over to create the look-outs.

Hopefully ove the weekend we will sheath the roof and later next week call around for a roofer to shingle it up. Will finish the wall sheathing and wrap the house, siding will be next year.

Also have the stairs in place and the two landings, will post pictures of that later tonight or tomarow.

Mrnagrom 11-06-2008 10:01 AM

wow. looks like that addition is half the size of your house.

iMisspell 11-06-2008 01:23 PM


Originally Posted by Mrnagrom (Post 181209)
wow. looks like that addition is half the size of your house.

:yes: current house = 740 sq
addition = 484 sq
a bit more then 1/2
It was the snow ball effect, if it was not for family issues, i would have whent for a variance and it would have been bigger.

Stairs from basement to main floor/hall (bottom two stairs are just slapped together, not sure what im gonna do with them, might "round" them or something like a spiral).

Screwed up bad with the top webbing of the stringer layout (very very hard for me, never cut or layed out stair stringers before). Not sure how i missed it, but cut the very top stair too thin and didnt catch it in-till after the bottom landing was in place and nailed. After cutting the 2x4 notch which prevents the top of the stringer from sliding down, there was only 3" of meat in the webbing. In the picture you will see i bolted two peices of metal flat stock 3/16's thick to both sides of the week spot using 3/8's bolts, two above the week spot and two below the week spot and also added a 2x6 support notched under the stringer (gonna wait for the inspector to tak a peek before i go and "finish" roughing in the stairs, the treads have a single nail into each stringer incase he wants me to re-do it.). I personally feel comterbul with the "fix", its acutely stronger how its bolted then if they where cut correctly, but well see what the inspector says.

Thats pretty much how the addition sits now.
Probably wont be for another week or so for any big changes.

Mrnagrom 11-13-2008 07:49 AM

you've doubled the size of the house and it still looks good, consistent with the neighbours house.

usually when people double the size of their houses they end up looking like big new monsters in a neighbourhood of tiny little squirrels..

good job.

iMisspell 11-14-2008 12:29 AM

A month later...

Originally Posted by Mrnagrom (Post 184213)
you've doubled the size of the house and it still looks good, consistent with the neighbours house.

usually when people double the size of their houses they end up looking like big new monsters in a neighbourhood of tiny little squirrels..

Never really thought about that, but your right, maybe cause it was a small house to begin with. At first i was gonna keep the siding white, but im pretty sure im gonna go with a little darker when the time comes, so it will help to make it still look "small".


Its been a month now since i first started to frame and i have to say, im happy with the progress being its been a one man show for the most part.
The friend who was gonna help sheath the roof bailed out on me so i was stuck doing that alone, took a day longer. Two days in all to finish the mini wall over the current roof, nail the fasia, over hangs on both gable ends and sheath it.

This coming monday, the 17th, the shingle guys will be here and hopefully before or shortly after that i'll get the rest of the house wrapped (need to rent a scaffle ) and get the windows in.... then take a three week long nap, lol

Here how it sit as of now...

iMisspell 11-18-2008 01:26 AM

Just about done with the outside for this year. Theres a few tyvek seams which need to be tapped and alittle clean up then im done out there.

The shingle guys where here today, banged it out an about 3 hours.

Whent to rent some scaffolding on saturday, the local rental place does not carry it... a old friend lived near the rental place so i stopped by to say hi, another buddie gave a buzz (who does siding and has scaffolding) next thing i knew the three of us where stapling the tyvek, popping in two windows and the french door. Finished that up on sunday.

Heres the last of the out-side pictures for this year.
In the next day or so i'll snap some inside pics (just a open room and basement filled with crap) and will start working on that. First thing will be stapling up some baffling behind the soffits and then stuff some insulation in the end to try and keep the cold air out.

The bordered up window will stay like that in till the sheetrock is delivered, then ill toss the window in.

jimmyfloyd 11-18-2008 07:58 AM

looks like it's coming along well. Area kinda reminds me of where I live.

Speedball 12-02-2008 07:28 PM

Very cool project, your addition looks as big as the neighbors entire house:thumbsup:

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