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Fortitude 11-05-2010 04:25 PM

Wood burning stove trim not flush against chimney
My fireplace has a County Flame wood-burning stove insert. There is a large, wide metal trim along the sides and top of the stove that used to be flush against the brick chimney.

Last year, a gap of about 1cm developed between the chimney and the trim at the top of the stove. The trim at the bottom sides of of the stove are still flush with the chimney. It is like something inside the fireplace is pushing up the rear of the stove, tilting it out. When it gets cold outside, I can feel the cold air coming through the gap.

Around the same time the gap formed, we had a severe roof leak down the inside of the chimney. The roof leak has since been repaired.

There is a grate at the bottom front of the stove and I can peer in a little bit with a flashlight, but I don't see anything obviously wrong. I also looked for adjustable/leveling feet and didn't see any.

Is there anything simple I can look for to correct the issue? And if not, what kind of repair-person should I look up? I have tried to google wood stove repair but all I could find were generic appliance repair, and I didn't think they would work on something like this.


Fortitude 11-11-2010 09:28 PM

TTT. Does anyone know how I could pull it out myself? I didn't think I could just pull it out because I thought the stove has its own small chimney that goes part-way up the house's chimney.

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