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I stay quite frequently at extended stay type hotels which have various brands of appliances so I have had experience with a lot of different brands.
GE is by far the worst. Their fridges despite looking newish are noisy and twice I've been staying in a room with a GE fridge and the fan has given out and made a horrendous grinding sound. What are the odds of that happening several times on a short hotel stay?
Whereas I've stayed in rooms with Whirlpool fridges that looked quite old but are always quiet and in good working order. Also I've used a small Whirlpool microwave that cooked better than a full sized GE I used.
At home my folks had a GE microwave and it cooked horribly and gave out within 5 years. They replaced it with a Samsung which cooked well but also died within 5 years. They gave up and got a cheap model Kenmore with a 5 year warranty.
The GE oven they have caught fire on Christmas day one year. You could look though the place where heat escapes and literally see flames flickering inside the oven. The guy who serviced the oven knew exactly what was the problem and what to replace and said it was a 'design flaw' GE knew about. Great thanks for warning us after a fire GE, I wonder how many peoples houses burned down because of their incompetence.

So I will never ever buy a GE appliance for obvious reasons. Whirlpool and their brands seems to be the best to me overall. Though if a Kenmore struck my fancy I would buy that also.


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My awful GE profile story.

I bought a GE profile Artica stainless steel side by side refrigerator in 2006 that retailed somewhere around $2,000 at the time, and the mother board went out just after our warranty expired. Everything was dead and all food lost. We bought from Sears and had a heck of a time getting service for it. It took over 3 weeks just to get the stinking thing fixed. With four kids that is NOT fast enough for Sears service or for GE to get a good rating in my book. I got nosey and asked the service repair guy lots of questions since I HAD to be home in order for them to come over. (meaning more money down the drain and days off work) Anyway here I am nearly 4 years later and still upset to be dealing with my AWFUL GE appliance issue! The Sears service man that works on GE told me that the motherboards (the computer component) only lasts about 2-3 years. He told me I'd save money in the long run if I bought two now (at $160 each) an watched him install the first so I could do it myself next time! $400+ later I have the frige working again but it has now been a few years so I am waiting for it to go out again! Apparently the service man knew what was wrong immediately before even seeing my frige, but he couldnt bring the stinking part with him and had to order it which took another week. And then Another week to schedule the 2nd appointment to get it fixed. As far as I'm concerned, GE are ALL crooks! The service guy even told me that some GE friges set thier thermostat 7 degrees different from what the real temperature is so they can qualify to be energy star efficient!!! He told me to test mine by using a REAL thermometer rather than trusting what the frige said. I have zero trust in GE appliances and I'm sure if GE is getting away with this crap, other companies must be cutting corners the same way to make an extra buck too! I am from Iowa, US and I often wonder if I am the only one who still wants QUALITY over the looks of an appliance? so many people are throwing out thier perfectly working appliances to get Stainless steel/prettier ones. Little do they know, these are tricks of the trade to get you to buy newer and less efficient models so they can take your $$ and run with it......of course this is only My opinion though
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As for those who have had fire/safety issues, it is your right to contact consumer product safety commission. They WILL take this problem into thier hands and follow through with the defects that appliance companies are so eager to cover up and hide/dismiss as consumer error. Use them, they are WONDERFUL! I had a faulty coffee maker from Walmart that was used in recalling the line that caused a few kitchen fires. I am so glad to be a part of this wonderful consumer commission and wish there were more places that looked out for us like this does! You can find other recalls on this website too and should be your first place to look before you shop.
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I'm not a GE appolgist but to stop urban legends from expanding; the Sears guy is full of soup. the original brds did have a high failure rate but the replacements[updated software/hardware]are fine. no reason to keep a spare. a local servicer would have given you far superior service-part on the truck,eg..if the refrig is working correctly the temp-actual and display-will be the same..they[all manf] play with E ratings by not counting aux htrs, mis- naming the actual cu feet or rating them under un- realistic conditions. since they all got caught i believe that's been corrected..7* off is huge and not true. if the refrig was set for 39* and it was actually 46*=ugh or 32*=frozen food.. i've found in a large %, Factory and contract servicers,to avoid agita and you yelling at them, want to be your buddy so they'll tell you what you want to hear instead of what the actual truth is, thus deflecting your anger..he should have said, "look Lady, i feel your pain but after i repair it it should perform well". you'd still be cranky-at the poor service and cost of repair, but as it is now, everytime you look at that refrig you're aggravated and waiting for it to break. he did a disservice to Sears, as the retailer you relied on to sell you a good product and to GE, which you would have assumed, wouldn't sell you an up-dated brd that they knew would fail again.......To the other OP who replaced the GE with a Samsung-they're the same unit..and the oven catching fire [electric oven?] it can happen to any of them-read the posts..so here again is an example of a servicer taking a bad situation and making it worse.. if you stayed at a motel with older GE, or any brand, you would have seen the same thing. for years the appl were all basicaly the same technology all the bugs were out of them.. Having said all this i agree the new stuff may look better but lots of techie problems and flimisy material..
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i love GE

so ive had 2 whirlpool washers and one GE. both whirlpools are made to fail, and did. GE washer has a more compact agitator, a smoother spin cycle, and a magnet to close the washer instead of a lid switch. and it cleans just as good.

ive had 3 fridges over the years in different apartments. 2 whirlpools, one leaked... constantly. other one was good. i just bought a ge profile used, and it's a stainless steel beauty. it works, and works well. yummy ice, well designed and thought out space, i love it so much i decided to post a review about how awesome GE is, and how crappy whirlpool has been in my experience. seems like GE's are more solid and simply built.


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