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Whirlpool Kitchen Range - No heat from coil burners (all) or bake & broil elements

Whirlpool Kitchen Range (4-coil burners), solid state oven control panel.
Model no. RF315PXYNO, Serial Number: FCO516834

240 volts at terminal posts on back where 3-prong cord connects, checked continuity from the cord's ring lugs (they go over the posts) to the connectors on the wires leading up into the back of the range, from the three posts. Also checked each hot leg post for 120v to the center post.

All burners, bake & broil elements not the slightest bit warm. Raised the deck that holds the burners, inspected wires, receptacles - saw nothing wrong.

Inspected bake & broil elements, checked them for continuity. Both were about 20 ohms.

Inspected all wires and connections on back of switches, thermostat, oven selector - all tight and clean, except for brown color around ceramic socket of oven light (around one of the connections) - was just a little loose on one of its wire connections, but didn't think that would cause this problem. Didn't check to see if light was working.

When burner switches are turned on, the red indicator light on control panel comes on. The indicator light for the oven selector knob (or maybe it was the thermostat knob - forgot now) does not come on when selector knob is moved from off to one of the on positions.

I have both the thermostat module (with its sensor) and the oven selector switch, removed from the control panel. Some one told me one of these was probably the problem, so I went looking on the Web for testing instructions for each one. Found nothing yet. I can test them for continuity and/or resistance values, if anyone can tell me how. I could draw a pic of the back of each one, showing the arrangement of the posts and the markings for each post, such as L1, N, FLA, etc. if that would help.

Are there fuses in this wiring harness. If there are, I sure didn't see them.

Didn't see anything that looked like an inline fuse. The only thing (wires) I couldn't follow to any termination, were two white wires going from back of stove, below control panel into a hole near left upper corner of back of stove. I believe the hole was just above the light socket sticking out of back of

Is it possible to get voltage from the circuit breaker up to the terminal posts on back of the stove, but no current, if there is a burned connection in that circuit somewhere, like on the back of the breaker at service panel or inside the 240v receptacle in the kitchen? Never checked this yet.

Thanks for any help.


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interesting problem, I don't suppose you found a wiring diagram on the stove anywheres. Since none of your top burners or your elements work, I would have to guess that somewheres between the terminal block and the control panel you are losing 1 leg of your 220 v. There are no fuses in the wiring so I would trace and ohm each of the hot wires from the terminal block to the panel.


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Ok hardware man - will check the wires as you said. No, didn't find a wiring diagram.

Thx for your reply.
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