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DanCarmo 08-21-2010 10:56 PM

Whirlpool Ice Maker
I have the standard Whirlpool ice maker that is @ 10 years old. House struck by lightning and it stopped making ice. Tested the ports, water valve was fine, the motor stopped working. Bought a new motor and installed it. Waited a few minutes for the temperature to go down and the motor started to cycle. After 3 hours it fails to make any ice....the motor is still cycling and the ice maker spins in circles lifting the bar up and down. I have cycled the power on and off and also cycled the on-off bar on the ice maker joy. Anyone else have this happen when installing a brand new motor?

frenchelectrican 08-21-2010 11:12 PM

If the water valve is working good order { which it mean you actally see the water filling up the ice tray } if not then the motour is not lineing up with the mech part to sychrounous the whole thing and check the timing of the unit as well.

I know someone in this fourm is well versed so hang on someone will chime soon.

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