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jpplumber 12-05-2007 08:59 PM

Whirlpool electric dryer won't heat
I have a Whirlpool electric dryer about 2 or 3 years old and it is not heating at all. What are the possible causes for this and the solutions? I also don't know where to find the model number. Thank you

Kingfisher 12-05-2007 09:23 PM

The element went out just like a water heater. Not a hard fix but you have to take it apart to find out:yes: Find the element and look for a break if not then try a contuctivety test with a volt meter if there is a break you will have none.

girltech 01-11-2008 02:58 PM

The best place to start your check is at the wall.

With a multimeter check to see if you have 240 volts.

Check the wiring in the dryer if the voltage at the wall is good.

Check the continuity of the element.

The model number should be on the front panel in the door area.

fridgeman 01-12-2008 05:46 PM

check the the saftey heater trip switch...first...

comp 01-13-2008 09:29 PM

any updates ????

jpplumber 01-13-2008 11:21 PM

sorry, it was the element, thanks.

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