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Snav 01-25-2010 11:38 AM

Water and drain hookup problems with washer and septic system.
Soon (within a month or two) I will be redoing the laundyroom flooring, etc.

The old drain line for the washer *use* to plumb into the sewer line (which leads to a septic tank, not a city sewer system). The previous owners had some leak problems and decided to replumb and send the drain line through the wall and out a pvc pipe, through the side yard (about 40 feet) and into the ditch at the road.

The previous owners did not remove the old wall-housing when they replumbed, they left it in tact and uncovered.

I'd like to remove everything that's old, fill all the hole and start over - for several reason.

#1 - they did a horrible job on all their owrk, everything is crooked, unsealed and looks like junk from the inside and outside.
#2 - they sent the washer drain line out a hole with electrical wiring - which makes their idea beyond stupid.
In fact, some time ago when I was weed-eating in that corner I was almost electricuted why the weedeater snipped the electrical wiring. . . . so it's very unsafe.

So, what are my options, here?

From my understanding I shouldn't replumb the washer back into the sewer line because it will throw off the spetic-tank bacterial balance.

So do I have nice looking options? I do not really want to replumb it out to the ditch like they did, but I also don't wnat the washer-water pooling up beside the house like it is right now.

47_47 01-26-2010 07:45 AM

First check with local authorities as to what is acceptable. Around here, you can drain the laundry (grey water) into a dry well or into your septic not into a ditch. Mine goes into a dry well.

Bondo 01-26-2010 07:58 AM

Ayuh,... I would think a seperate Drywell, or by-passing the septic tank straight to the leechfield would work...

Tinkerer 01-27-2010 10:13 AM

You've also got another problem in regards to that wire. If I understand you, the wire is just hanging out the wall? What does this wire go to? You can't have exposed romex fished through a wall and I would certainly take it up with the inspector that inspected the house before you closed on it. Something like that should have been addressed, and paid for, by the previous owner.

Snav 01-27-2010 11:01 AM

I don't know where the wire comes from or goes to, yet - I do know the circuit that it's tied into, though - It honestly looks like an old wire that use to go to something, was cut, and never dealt with after that. My husband's idea is that they used it to electrify their old dog-fence that surrounded part of the backyard before we moved in.

It wasn't visible when we moved in, though. so I think maybe they tucked it up under the eave and then it fell down at some point, I'm not sure - but when I found it I cut it back to the wall and taped off the end.

Since it goes to nothing what I'll do when I remove all the wallboard in the laundryroom to hang drywall is just to find the beginning of the wire and remove it completely - I will *not* try to remove it if it ties directly into the fusebox - for that I will call in a pro. But I don't think it's *suppose* to be there. I think that they probably cut into an existing wire (like a lightswitch wire, perhaps) and then strung it from there.

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