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gijoe985 05-17-2012 08:47 AM

Trying to BUILD a gas pizza oven!!!

Hey everyone, I'd love to get the input of some other DIYers out there on this adventure of mine. I've been talking about it on the oven section of a pizza making forum, but I need the thoughts of other DIY type people.

Firstly, a little context. I love pizza and I love baking it. Pizza needs to be cooked at temperatures above 600 degrees. I have modified my home oven with a switch that allows me to run it in the 600-650 range. It works great. I made my own 2" thick granite stone to cook on and built a pizza peel (the big spatula). Now, my goal is to make a oven that can cook bigger pizza. I also want it to be gas because 1) gas gets to the temps I want faster, 2)I just bought a house which has natural gas, so I'd love to use it, and 3)I can convert NG to LP and then make my oven "portable" (though heavy).

Also, to give myself a little bit of street credit, I am a high school shop teacher. I teach automotive, woodworking, and metalworking classes. So, DIY fabrications are not unusuall for me. I've built my own HD video projector from scratch, furniture, racecar components, and much more. (I just wanted to mention that because I know that I would be weary of some guy trying to build a gas stove... seems like a good way to blow yourself up).


Alright, my goal is to take a cheap home gas oven, use the burners and controls and then move them over to a custom built pizza oven. I want an oven that is about 30"x30"x8-12" tall. I need burners on the top and bottom which can be controlled separately to distribute heat accordingly.

I have been reading up on commercial units, their dimensions, and their construction materials. I'm hoping to just copy them. Angle iron frame, aluminized steel interior walls (covered in granite most likely), and then probably just a steel exterior. Most commercial units have stainless exteriors, but that is expensive as well as more of a hassle to weld. (Still working on my TIG skills).

SO... I am just looking for any ideas people may have, or also for people to pose questions to help me think this through all the way. I'm still working out the kinks. Like how much room the burners need, venting, how to control the top vs bottom burners separately. Anyway, please help me brainstorm! Thanks for the help!

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