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JPM 09-06-2012 01:49 PM

Thermodor Refrig T241R70NSP/05 .. chirping?
I am getting a chirping (almost like cricket:eek: noise) sound from the refrigerator. doors close ... everything seems good. The chirping is not a consistent noise ... not like the beeps you hear to shut door or change filter or something. It comes and goes a bit .. tend to hear it more in AM and PM ... around meal times (but will also occur occassionally through the day).

Any thoughts?


digitalplumber 09-08-2012 06:03 PM

Are you sure it's not a smoke detector?

JPM 09-09-2012 01:47 PM

That was FUNNY!! Was eating while I read this and almost spit everything out across the table.

I am very familiar with smoke detectors ... constantly changing batteries in some of my rental units ... that's why it was so funny.

The chirp does sound kinda like a smoke detector but is definately coming from the fridge. It's pace can be several quick together or in single. It does not occur all the time ... only seems to be around the AM and PM ... near mealtime.

Anyway, thanks for making me smile ...

notmrjohn 09-11-2012 12:44 PM

There's a bird trapped in there, its cold and thinks its time to migrate but can't find south in the dark. Light a candle.
Could it be that you just hear it more at mealtime cause your closer to it? Could it actually be a cricket, under behind or inside? count chirps in 14 seconds add 40, that'll give temperature, tell you where he is. Got any fishing person in the house, or reptile keeper storing bait or lizard food in there?
Ice makers and water filters make funny noises as they fill and as water in holding tank cools, warms a bit, cools again as refrigerator cycles. Are you drawing more ice and water near meal times? Or are doors open more often or longer at those times? They make noises for no apparent reason at all. Manual or our new one even said "Do not be alarmed" by occasional random noises if nothing else seemed to be matter. But what's occasional and whats random? But it did have some stuff about the noises of ice maker and water system.
Its remotely possible that something might be wrong with door filter signal, switches, or wiring.
The actual contents of freezer, food, can make noises as it freezes, but that soon goes away. Lasts longer if food not dead yet.
I tried to convince mrsnot that we didn't need a fancy refrigerator with all the...bells and whistles. I've heard the whistles, but the bells haven't tolled for tea yet.

JPM 09-11-2012 12:53 PM

VERY GOOD ...:laughing:

thinking some of the same things, I pulled the freaking thing out from its enclosure (that was fun and required some carpentry) to check for various sized animals to no avail.

My MRS JPM sounds a lot like MRSNOT ...

I am going to convince her that we need to go with antiques (she will initially be impressed which will give me the oppty to switch tactics) .... next stop, finding an ice guy who can sell me blocks!

notmrjohn 09-11-2012 01:32 PM

Is this realtivly new reefer? Theres a whole lot of little styrofoam packing things in there, could be some underneath. I'm still finding blue tape here and there in our year old one. Slight vibrations cause styrofoam rubbing against plastic to make a sound that is like a...ummmmm... wel, sorta like a cricket is about as close as I can come. Plastic veggie bins that aren't quite right in slots can make a noise remarkably similar to that made by the male Gryllus assimilis, even more so to G. texensis, but I don't think you got them in New Jersey.

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