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Red Squirrel 05-31-2010 08:01 PM

Royal Sovereign ARP-4012H
I just bought this unit, and it came with no instructions. Just wondering if anyone may be familiar with this unit.

First question is, on the bottom there is this foam material, it looks like it is glued to the bottom. Is this part of the packaging material or part of the unit? It's really hard to tell. Considering there was packing foam over this foam, I'm thinking it may be part of the unit.

Also, how do I change the display to Celcius?

meboatermike 06-09-2010 09:11 PM

google Royal Sovereign ARP-4012H

The Royal Sovereign site has owners manual in a pdf file in 3 languages

Red Squirrel 06-14-2010 10:30 PM

I found it but it barely covers much, like the rubber hose that is inside the exhaust tube. I'm assuming it's for water that gets pumped out at some point, but confirmation would be nice so I can be sure to secure it properly so water does not just flow back into the exhaust, into the blower fan, and cause problems. Or maybe it's for something else..

I ended up emailing their support with my questions.

As a side question, I also want to convert this into a dual exhaust unit eventually when I build my server room and set it up more permanent, could I technically just get a second duct, and then hook it up to the hot side intake? The fact that it uses indoor conditioned air to cool the compressor, then shoot that air outside, is very inefficient imo. If I was to set it up in a more permanent fasion I'd probably use solid pipe instead of flexduct too, and insulate the pipe. The warmth of the pipe itself is another point of inefficiency.

For now it will do for cooling my office, but think I'll bite the bullet eventually and get a inwall unit or mini split system, or maybe even central air so this current unit would go to the server room.

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