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shark2th 01-27-2014 02:47 PM

Retrofit electric rangetop to induction
Have a 30" GE range/oven combo. The oven is good, but the top itself has been the issue. BTW - GE was no help at all toward correcting it's own mess. Just wondering if the 4 element top can be modified or swapped out to retrofit an induction top. The electric top measurements are:
flat surface - 29.75"w. x 22.25"d.
Full depth back to the hinge point is 23.5".
This top could never be leveled from the get-go. Adjusting the jacks to get the top perfectly level (front to back & side to side) leaves the four elements not level. Every one of the elements are off - different one to another, i.e., one will tilt to the right, one to the left-back, one to the back & the other to the left front . . . & yes, all pans & all elements are perfectly seated, one to another. Even if all tilted in one direction & were corrected with the leveling jacks, the oven racks would not be level (lop-sided breads, cakes, et al). My point is - why ditch the whole thing if the oven still cranks out excellent baked/broiled 'stuff'? I've seen induction tops out there that look like they may work in this area. Not being cheap, just practical. Any answers?

Live_Oak 01-28-2014 12:46 PM

It's a single unit range? Then no, you cannot place a cooktop over it, even if you were an electronics whiz. It's not designed that way. You have to replace the entire range with a new range. Induction ranges are still pretty pricy, but still cheaper than doing a cooktop over a wall oven as then the cabinetry and counters have to be modified as well as two different appliances purchased. But, you won't regret induction! Just do the magnet test on your pans to see which ones can be used with it. There are several inexpensive sets available if not.

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