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mrserinmc 08-28-2012 02:51 PM

removing dishwasher spray arm...GSD900G-01
How do I remove the spray arm? No visible screws.I have tried turning ot counterclockwise and pulling up please! Thanks

DannyT 08-28-2012 09:39 PM

do you have a photo?
does it have a gray thumb screw in the middle?
if so try turning it clockwise it has left hand threads
some just need to be lifted and rocked if there is no screw

notmrjohn 08-28-2012 10:57 PM

Stop pulling! it's real easy to break that $80 dollar part. Man, was it easy to break. So be sure you really, really DO wanta take that arm off. I don't have the same model, but looking at the drawings they look similar, infact they may be the same. I'm gonna give you some links of drawings and part numbers and photos. Unfortunatly the site with good drawings doesn't have good photos and vice versa. And my computer doesn't like sites like that and right now I am having probs looking at my model to see if they are the same part. Unfortunately no one has a photo or good drawing of the spray arm.nor a photo of just the part that is holding it. That part only seems to be available as part of a $80 kit.
The best drawing is
The best photo (not very good) is

On the diagram we're lookin at assembly 553 specifically part 550. Its the cylindrical thing on the far left of the photo. See that tab sticking up into the hole? Its got a tab at the top sticking inwards that goes over the top of a ring or lip around the bottom of the tube on the spray arm. There's another one diametrically opposite. If you look in the dishwasher you should be able to see it, the opening is towards the front I think, repeat I THINK, you can carefully hold those tabs out and pull the arm off. Try a couple of Popsicle sticks as levers and a third hand to lift the arm. The tabs are beveled on top so the arm should snap back down, but some gentle spreading might help. Be easy with it, no tugging, or poking or twisting with pliers. I didn't even know the first tab was broken until I went to put the arm back on. Without the tabs the arm trys to go into orbit.
In the diagram you'll see screw 509, which seems to hold assembly 563 and part 550. But I dunno how you get to it down through that telecope and all. I never saw it in real life. And back then didn't know about all the diagrams and manuals on line. Couldn't find you a repair manual, sorry.

Hopefully a real expert will see your question and tell us how to get that screw out, so wait a while B4 trying it my way. I sure hope sumbudy sees it or else I'll have to tell you how I fixed it with a plastc jar lid, dividers, utility knife Xacto knife dremel tool and words I didn't even know I knew plus some I invented..
Or you could call GE's 800 number and ask for tech support, that's how I found out how much the part cost. I already had the tools and needed an excuse to eat a whole big jar of cashews to get the lid, Please sumbudy that knows what their talkin about help mrserinmc.

DannyT 08-28-2012 11:04 PM

why are you taking the arm off anyway?

notmrjohn 08-29-2012 12:19 PM

yeah, Danny, I wanna know too. I don't know about mrse, but thought I had to take off the arm to remove the bottom screen to be able to remove and clean the drain sump screen and grinder. On the diagram its parts numbers...uh neva mind. Turned out I didn't have to remove any of that once I got it all off and could see what was what down there. What a fiasco! More than tabs got broke. So, mrserinmc, be sure you DO wanna take that arm off. And take my advice about removal procedure with at least a pound of salt.

DannyT 08-29-2012 01:00 PM

people don't realize that it helps to know why they are doing something

mrserinmc 08-30-2012 07:37 PM

Ech Thnx, everyone! My dishwasher has been washing poorly. My mom had same prob and fixed it by removing and cleaninf spray arm ans screen beneath...she has an almost new dw in another brand. We live in a hard water area and their has also been a lot of road construction disrupting water lines, and clogging all sorts of appliances and fixtures. I guess the correct question would've been, " how can i check for and clean out clogs from the path that water comes in?"

notmrjohn 08-30-2012 10:43 PM

Ta Da! If it ain't broke don't fix it. Of course anything can be broke by fixing it, then you get to fix it.
There are products sold for cleaning the washer. you put it in and run it on empty. ( Lets all sing! 'Runnin...oh sorry)
but You can use plain white vinegar, and/or baking soda ( not at the same time! Dishwasher's got rabies!) Or, and this is weird, but occurs regularly in household hint columns, powdered lemonade mix. Empty washer, leave racks in, run water in sink till hot, turn on washer till it starts to fill,( there's a pump that runs briefly to empty sump B4 filling) pour in cup of plain white vinegar, run thru a wash cycle and a rinse cycle. You're done. Same procedure with soda or Happy Time( it has citric acid) Mebbee once a month or so? You mite need to repeat a few times or use more vinegar the first few times, since you say it ain't doin its job so well lately. Acid in vinegar and lemonade disolves hard water minerals, soda removes stains in washer. Holes in sprayer arms you can gently poke with some thin not to sharp pointedy thing, tooth pick, bamboo skewer, to get clogs out. Doesn't help much to take out arm, you can poke stuff into arm but cause of configuration it is hard to get um out. Poke at holes in screen too. DO NOT try to take screen out, please don't. Its held in with lil weak tabs too. Whimper. Check to see that telescope is sliding frreely and clear of obstructions inside.
You are not likely to get a "clog" in water path. If grit does get in line and doesn't pass on thru, the problem it will cause is in the solenoid valve that turns water off and on. There is a screen in water line but grit can sumtime get thru and valve will stick open or closed. The valve and screen are underneath, if you have a problem there you have to hire a real small repair man to go under there and fix it. Tiny's Appliances in the Yellow pages. Mite wanta take the aerator off sink faucet ever once in a while, clean grit from screen, soak in vinegar.
Glad we saved you from horror I went thru. But I didn't get to give a long winded description of my truly brilliant solution. Nor of the solution to the problem with previous washer which had arm held in with Danny's plastic screw, arm was metal, chewed the screw down till it was small enuff to free the arm. FREE THE ARM!...oh... Every three months made new washer from pop off cap on gallon milk jug.
Let me take a breath, is there no character limit here? Glad to help, and glad I saw you, this being something I actually had experience with, (O, the experience) sorry for long windedness and grammer. But my Grammer din't have a dishwasher. She washed by hand in water hauled from a well and heated on kerosene stove.
Happy dishwashing!

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