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fdmillion 10-13-2013 08:14 PM

RCA DRB4600S Dryer Door Switch Wiring
Hi all,

I am repairing my RCA dryer model DRB4600S (240V electric). The heating element was snapped so I restrung a new one, cleaned the interior and everything. Now I'm ready to put it back together.

When I had the front panel off, I set it aside leaning against the machine and left the wires connected. Now, I accidentally kicked it with my foot and the wires for the door switch became detached. I don't know what order they were in originally...

There are three wires leading to the switch. One is red, one is white, and one is yellow with a black stripe. The switch has three poles in a triangular arrangement. I tested the switch with my continuity tester and I know which pin is the "common" and which two pins are connected in the switch's two positions. What I don't know is which wires lead to what.

The red wire clearly leads to the light, so this obviously goes on the pin that's connected when the switch is open. What I don't know is which of the other two pins is the "common" and which is the signal to the dryer that it can run.

I don't have access to any official service manuals, and I can't find any details online. Everything simply says "note the wiring order before removing the switch." Yes, I should have done that, but I wasn't planning on having to replace the wires - at least not all three of them.

Any advice?



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