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maryrgrimm 04-06-2010 03:14 PM

Problems with Whirlpool Dryer Hookup! Help!
Our original Whirlpool dryer lastest 18 years. My father installed it and we never had a problem.

A few weeks ago, the dryer stopped working. Dad called Best Buy and ordered a brand new Whirlpool dryer. (Mod WGD5200VQ1) For over a week now, he has been trying to figure out how to hook it up!

The threads on the flex gas line do not match up with the gas pipe on the dryer. Both the flex line fitting and the gas pipe on the dryer are the same size, which is 5/8th" OD. The threads on the pipe from the dryer, run to the left.

We contacted Best Buy and Whirlpool, but neither were very helpful to a DIYer! Whirlpool did say the dryer was under warranty, so they would be happy to send what we needed. We also know we can buy a hook-up kit from a local hardware store, but we need to know which one! (or is there a part or separate parts?)

Are all new dryers the same as our new Whirlpool or is this something "special?" (Best Buy was really pushing electric. We had to ask if the dryer we chose was gas.) Our old dryer did not have threads that ran to the left. Would someone bring us up to speed and kindly tell us what our options are, as far as how to hook it up under the current conditions. If not, then we need to return it and look for something else.

Thanks for the help

Jacques 04-07-2010 07:42 AM

"runs to the left" ?? like a gas grille?...this dryer[all dryers] have right hand thread. this dryer has a 3/8" npt pipe coming out the rear. you need an elbow to adapt from this to your flex line. you need to purchase a new [don't use old flex line]. unit sholud have come with install instructions. go on Whirl web site to download.

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