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Anesthesiologis 07-20-2012 05:31 AM

Preventing portable AC leaks
I am not sure which type of AC unit I should utilize to cool my small room. I am stuck between a window air conditioning unit and a portable air conditioning unit. The window unit cools faster and is more efficient; however, it puts the house at risk in term of theft. On the other hand, a portable unit is a little less efficient, but the hose can easily be taken out of the window upon exiting the house and the window can be shut. The negative aspect of the portable air unit is what I'm concerned about. After reading countless reviews, it has come to my understanding that portable units are highly susceptible to leakages. This is something I cannot tolerate.

There are very few individuals who've stated that they haven't had problems with their unit. Many more have stated that during year one there were no problems, yet, in subsequent years, leakages have resulted.

To combat leakage, consumers have reported attempting to clean/maintain the unit, and even placing the unit on "bed risers" to level it out in addition to placing it over a drip pan to remain one step ahead of disaster. Are you serious?

With these two negatives, and the summer heat killing me, I have spent countless hours trying to find a machine that is worthwhile. I have lost sleep over this and it's starting to drive me up the wall. No matter the price, almost every portable unit had some type of leakage problem. Does someone have any experience with portable units? Also, can you think up of a genius way to combat leakages in the portable unit? At this point, the window A/C really isn't an option.

I'm kind of OCD about water because I've experienced a pretty bad flood before, so I'm flipping out, trying to find out how to develop preventative measures if I decide to adopt this piece of technology that despite being out for so long, is still inferior to their window counterparts.

Basically, I need a genius idea to combat future leaking problems. Being scared to put things on the floor and having to potentially empty the emergency reservoir if the unit decides to malfunction and forget how to operate itself properly.

Now regarding a window unit, I even thought about purchasing a 5,000 BTU window unit weighing 45 pounds. I figured I could remove it from the window upon leaving my home, but I'm beginning to think that 45 pounds is much heavier than I think. :eek: It doesn't matter how you reinforce it, the unit will be susceptible of a kick in.

I know I'm paranoid, but my paranoia is justified lol.:jester:


TarheelTerp 07-20-2012 08:06 AM


Originally Posted by Anesthesiologis (Post 970052)
I am not sure which type of AC unit I should utilize to cool my small room. I am stuck between a window air conditioning unit and a portable air conditioning unit.

A small room isn't likely to have the floor space for a portable anything.

Your only question is whether to use a traditional window unit
installed through one of the existing window openings or to create another opening in the wall... and perhaps to buy a unit that does heat as well (for winter).

The new opening in the wall choice has additional expense to it...
but it can be designed/built to maximize your security and minimize your risk of water damage (100% being impossible).

That's about it from this side of the fence.

Missouri Bound 07-20-2012 10:21 PM

You ask a question that only you can answer. If you plan on using the air conditioner in just one room, then the window unit is the answer. There are many ways to secure it; screw it to the sash, install braces between the window and the sash.....etc.

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