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Pressurizing car tires

In the past I've used my air compressor many times to top off my tires. I had to buy a new chuck as the old one stopped working. While trying to fill the tires this week, all that happened was I just lost more tire pressure. I actuated the chuck pin and air flow was good . I thought maybe the chuck pin wasn't long enough so I went to Lowes for a different new one. It doesn't work either. Yes, I had them squarely on the tire valve. Compressor psi 60+. I tried it on all 4 tires which are now down to 20 psi. Temp is about 45. Do tire valves all go bad at once? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Bob


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I hardly think they all went bad at once. A checkvalve or something must have went bad.
Try another chuck?


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Air Pressure

Try setting your regulator at a higher pressure output. Beyond that I couldn't tell you.
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Something went bad with the compressor, so drive the vehicle to a station or tire shop and fill them to the required pressure and make sure the tires or seals to the rims are not bad.

that will give you some breathing time to sort out things.

45F is not low, but tires can lose pressure and break seals, especially if they are older.

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FWIW, as an aside, typical pressure loss is 1psi for every drop in 10 degrees Fahrenheit. At 45 degrees, it has not become cold enough to make your tires read 20psi, unless you were severely under-pressured to begin with.
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Maybe the pin in the tire Shrader valve is not strong enough to overcome the valve spring in the chuck.
You can test this idea by putting a small dia. push rod between the chuck and tire valves. As you push on the chuck the rod should go into the tire valve and into the chuck valve.

I've never heard of tire valve springs getting "tire-d" but I guess it's possible.

You can also check your compressor with a vertical garden hose full of water. A 50' hose takes about 23 PSI to force water out of the upper end so 60 PSI should be pretty spectacular. Don't get on the evening news!

But if you're not into water sports, here's another way. Using a male to male Shader adaptor and a compression gauge you can check your compressor.

There's another way using a tire pump and a bathroom scale but I'll let you figure that one out.


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