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CostcoMan 05-23-2010 04:38 PM

Oven Install and Replacement- Dacor $400
Hey friends, I could really use some help and advice on a home project.

I am replacing a single Dacor oven (ECS130SCH) with a NEW Single Dacor oven (D0130S). The first one died and is costing too much to fix.

The installer wanted $400 to swap them out. He charged $75 for a presite and told me the new one is 1/4" to tall and he can't do it. Hire a carpenter or buy a different brand.

I want to make it match so I am stuck on Dacor and I think I figured and easy way of moving the microwave up 1/4" and the cutting a 1/4" more to fit the oven.

Can someone look at my plans and see if they looks feasible?


1. I plan to lift the microwave 1/4" by inserting 1/4" plywood panel under the frame and reinstalling the outer aluminum panel. That will leave room for the new oven.

2. Width cutout is the exact same. But I plan to remove 1/4" of the wood for the top cutout with an electric saw carefully.

3. Insert new oven into new existing cutout and walah…save $400

What do you guys think?


This is the setup that I now have:

I need to move the microwave up 1/4" to have room for the new oven control panel that will be 1/4" higher:

So I will lift the microwave with 1/4" plywood and reinstall frame around it:

THAN cut out 1/4" of the top of the existing woven wood cabinet cutout. Here is my existing oven cutout requirements:

AND here are my new requirements. Only thing that has changed is the increase in height requirement for cutout and overall: and

SO, is this feasible or am I going to create a mess for myself?

Jacques 05-24-2010 06:02 AM

one thing about installations-you never know till you start..i looked on Dacor's site; old oven had cutout req of 27-1/2---new one calls for 27-5/8. that's only 1/8. i would think you could plane down top and bottom of cutout. before i did that though; i would measure everything on site. maybe the original cutout ran proud of spec's or new oven is not 'really'-'exactly' what they claim.[hard to believe but it happens].

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