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Pickngrin 06-27-2010 09:07 AM

old Kenmore chest freezer - worth replacing starter relay?
The other day, I picked up a free Kenmore chest freezer (6 cubic ft) through Craigslist. The guy told me it worked...well, it doesn't. Anyhow, it appears to be pretty old (model 10068, can't find it listed online). I had it plugged in overnight and it didn't get cold. After reading some troubleshooting FAQs online today, I tested the starter relay and found it to be defective. Also, the compressor felt hot to the touch after the unit had been plugged in for hours. Is this normal?

Is it worth buying a new relay for this freezer (which didn't cost me anything but the gas I burned to go pick it up)? I see that one of those Supco 3N'1 relays is cheaper than the original starter relay piece (MM5-46S). Or should I just dispose of this thing? In case it's relevant, I plan to use this with an external temperature controller to keep it in the mid-60s for fermenting homebrewed ales.

Thanks for any input.

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