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joseph thomas 01-14-2012 02:43 PM

odor coming from dishwasher
A few weeks ago we had a new garbage disposal installed. Recently an odor has been coming from the diswasher. I can see where the hose from the dishwasher is hooked to the disposal, but could the installer of the disposal forgot to remove the knock out plug? The dishwasher operates, but seems to be laboring and much more noisy than before.

joecaption 01-14-2012 02:45 PM

Call him back and ask.

hardwareman 01-14-2012 08:53 PM

if the dishwasher drains then he removed the knock out, most likely he did not loop the dishwasher drain hose above the disposal outlet. You are probably getting nasty discharge water from the disposal backing into your dishwasher

jfrotten 01-15-2012 11:33 AM

Hardwareman is right... The installer probably threw away the zip tie that came with the dishwasher and neglected to secure the drain line above the disposal.

Phillies48 01-18-2012 01:51 PM

Agree with the above. If the knockout plug was still in there, you would be swimming in your house. The smell could a number of reasons, the most likely being it's not draining right. Sometimes the garbage disposal is the issue. This will be a bit of a pain but try running it when the backflow comes out of the dishwasher and see if it helps the draining.

A few lemons in the disposal can't hurt either.

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