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blthomas 12-17-2007 09:51 AM

Noisy dishwasher
I just installed a Ge Potscrubber 550.

It's a used unit from a neighbor, they upgraded to stainless, I'm buying all their couple year old black stuff to upgrade my 15 year old junk.

My old dishwasher had crapped out about 6 months ago.

Anyway, I got it hooked up just fine. Neighbor said it was noisy. :laughing:

Yea it's noisy alright. Sounds like a grinding sound coming from the motor maybe. Appears to function 100% other than that.

I spun the impeller both ways, it rotated freely, made no sounds when spun by hand.

I know very little of this subject, did some Googling this morning, and it's kind of hit or miss on the subject.

I didn't pay for the dishwasher, I don't mind putting in a small bit of money, however, it anyone thinks it's going to be pricey, then I'll start saving for a new one.

Thanks for any input or advise.

End Grain 12-25-2007 03:41 PM

Pull the dishwasher out enough so that you can look underneath it while it's running. If necessary, disconnect the water line and discharge hose and then reconnect them outside of the cabinet space temporarily so that you can get enough clearance to look underneath it while it's running. Look - don't touch anything!!! Moving parts, water and electricity!!! See if there's a metal bracket or clamp that's rubbing against the drive. Then, with the unit turned off AND unplugged from the outlet, look at the motor, and try to manually turn or move it. See if anything is binding or scraping.

Lastly, your dishwasher's sprayer arms may have a central telescopic water jet nozzle that extends upward to the bottom of the top rack when the arm is spinning. That may be rattling around as well.

Or, you might just have a very noisy FREE dishwasher.

Merry Christmas!

girltech 01-04-2008 01:30 PM

Check to see if the fan on the motor is loose.

They are press on and are known for coming loose.

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