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Need A/C in the kitchen

I live in New Jersey, where it tends to get quite hot and humid in the summer. My home does not have central air conditioning, and most areas of the house are cooled by window air conditioning units. However, the kitchen does not have an air conditioner installed. This is because the two windows that are in the kitchen are too narrow to install a window unit. Besides, my dad says that air conditioning the kitchen is a waste of electricity because if the oven is on, it takes more energy to cool the same amount of space. However, every summer is hotter than the previous one, and it is becoming increasingly unbearable to cook. So basically, my parents aren't concerned about the heat in the kitchen because a housekeeper does all of the cooking, and not them. So how do I convince my dad that the heat is so unbearable that installing an air conditioner is worth it, and if a window unit is not feasible, then what is the most economic option: a conventional through-the-wall unit, which would require carving a hole in the wall, a PTAC, which would also require an opening, or a portable A/C?


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Is this your house or your parents house?
We don't use AC much, but I installed window units in the wall
They also have "split" units where the main
The top part in this picture goes on the wall, main unit outside

The heat from the kitchen has to go somewhere
It doesn't stay in the kitchen unless you have doors that shut the kitchen off

So you are already cooling the kitchen
The difference is that the other units are working harder, and you don't have the benefit of the cooler air where you want it

I have an AC in the sunroom, that borders & is open to the kitchen
So our kitchen is cooled by the sunroom AC - which was oversized to cool the kitchen
I actually turn a pedestal fan on low & point it into the kitchen for cool air flow


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I would also ask who live in this house, you or you and parents? Sure, your Dad is entitled to his opinion, but who is paying for the electricity YOU are currently using in WHOSE kitchen? Or, (and there's nothing wrong with this, as I have grown kids) is Dad helping to pay for this A/C project? First, may I ask, do you have any ventilation in your kitchen, such as a vent-a-hood over the range? Could you put in some type of ventilation in the kitchen such as a large CFM bath type exhaust fan? I've seen it done to remove hot kitchen air. Remember though that this type exhaust unit will have to be cleaned often with the kitchen greases. Dave's suggestion looks good to me, check into this. What about one of the through-the-wall units such as in a motel? That's all a friend of mine could put in his den which was added on years ago. We just cut out a portion of the wall, re-framed it, put it in, and finished the wall. Worked will for him. Put on your thinking cap, look into different ideas and your budget, and see what will work for you. THEN- post back here and I'm sure you will get plenty of really knowledgeable, good help with your project. Good Luck, David
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