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jlb302000 05-06-2007 03:58 AM

my hot point refrigerator and icemaker not working
I was wondering if anyone could help me with this .I baught the fridge about 6 years ago its a side by side hot point model #HSS251FMCWW serial #HD241922 .I only started using it about a 18 months ago as it sat in storage the rest of the time while building my house ,the problem started by every so often the fan in the freezer started making noises and i finally figgured out it was buiding up frost behind the back wall near the fan and the fan was scraping it also it seemed to do it more when it was humid but when it did it i would turn the freezer off for a little while and let it thaw out a little bit and stop .it might do this 2 times a week or not do it for 3 months . i never had anyone fix it and about a month ago my icemaker quit so i pulled the tray out and it had a big block of ice froze around it so i turned it off and defrosted it but it never worked again but it did freeze the water left in it and i played with it and got it to disspense that ice but never anymore .it has a water and ice disspenser on the front door and the water still works also on the on off switch on it when i turn the switch on the indicator lights up telling me it has power also i can tell you that no water feeds into the ice maker at all .so if anyone could help me with these problems please help me.
Thanks jlb302000

mikemy6 05-06-2007 12:35 PM

sounds like a clogged solinoid valve they're cheap and easy to replace but if you have to dfrost the freezer anyway make sure you let any ice that may be in the fill tube melt before installing new valve. After the defrost check the valve by cycling the ice maker ( turn the drive gear w/ a small screwdriver) an see if it fills if not replace the valve. Unplugged of course. Change the filter and purge the water line.
If you have a power saving switch turn it to normal if this doesnt fix youre freeze over problem then youre next step will be to check the defrost timer but I dont have the specs. on your unit.

boman47k 05-23-2007 10:16 AM

Could also check the valve with a cheater cord. Very carefully. I betting ont he def timer stat and or the timer for the fridge. And check the drain.

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