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vect0r 04-23-2013 01:07 AM

Microwave has exhaust, vents inside
I was pleased to see in our new home that the microwave blower has an exhaust line that goes to an outdoor vent. When we turned on the fan for the first time it just blows air out of the ports over the microwave. I can clearly see the vent on the outside of the house and where it connects to the top of the microwave.

I know all of our appliances were replaced two years ago. Would this have been an installation error? Can this be easily changed to vent outside? I'd hate to tear down the microwave to poke around in our new kitchen unless I know what I'm looking for.

bcgfdc3 04-23-2013 01:36 AM

There should be a diverter on the back of the microwave hood to select recirculate or outside vent. You may have to take the microwave down to access it though.


md2lgyk 04-23-2013 08:17 AM

When you pull the microwave (and I'm certain you'll need to to fix this), get somebody to help you. I've installed and removed a few; they are surprisingly heavy.

<*(((>< 04-23-2013 08:37 AM

On most over the range microwaves (I installed my fair share) there is two ways the squirrel cage fan motor can be installed for vent direction. Sorry to say but you will have to take it down and rotate the fan assembly for exterior wall vent application. I would look up the model number and get the installation manual and it will detail it out for you.

hardwareman 04-23-2013 02:54 PM

installation error. Pull the microwave, remove two screws from the blower housing and rotate the housing 1/4 turn.

vect0r 04-25-2013 12:57 AM

I've never had to pull down a microwave before. Is that a pretty quick project? I'd hate to pull it down then spend forever trying to get it back up.

oh'mike 04-25-2013 04:21 AM

Look up the manual---most have a wall plate with hooks---and then two screws in the cabinet above.

What the screws are removed the unit will fall out of the hole----so have someone hold up the machine while another removes the screws---

If you don't there is a good chance the unit will fall---

shovad 05-07-2013 04:55 PM

So if air is coming from the top grille when I turn on the vent fan that means my exhaust system is not connected to the outside, correct? Also how often should I change the charcoal filter?

Oso954 05-11-2013 03:46 PM

GE recommends 6-12 months on most of theirs.

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