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pinkfloyd43 11-06-2012 05:22 PM

In Market For New Refigerator
Going to be french doors with freezer on bottom. Around 23 size and have seem some but when googling for reliability they seem to come up weak! Certainly don't want to spend 1500-2000 and have it fail in a few years as I am quite cheap.

BTW, I still have (2) Kenmore units that are both over 25 years old and still working fine. The wife wants a new one and she deserves it!

Anyone purchase something like what I am looking at and not had a problem for a few years, what brand do folks think is the best?

Sorry if this does not belong in this area?

ddawg16 11-06-2012 08:13 PM

We have the LG version. Except for an issue with a stuck relay that kept the light on all the time (replaced under warranty) issues.

Your wife is going to love the french door/bottom frezer. Our inlaws like ours so much....they bought one...different brand...

One note...we did not get the in door ice/water despenser...eats up a lot of's not big deal to open up the bottom drawer.

md2lgyk 11-07-2012 06:35 AM

We also have an LG (sounds like the same one ddawg16 has). It is four years old. We have had no problems with it.

I would investigate other brands. All our kitchen appliances are LGs, all purchased at the same time. When we had a problem with the dishwasher, I learned that LG's customer service is among the worst in the industry.

user1007 11-07-2012 06:41 AM

In kitchen renovation projects most of my clients have opted for some degree of distributed refrigeration. It is nice for lots of reasons starting with you don't open the door of 800,000 cubic feet of cooled space to get a can of soda. And you can put meat and veges in drawers by your prep area and keep them under specific temperature and humidity conditions.

Our concept of refrigerators dates design wise back to ice boxes. Imagine walking into a kitchen and not seeing the giant monster in the room.

Distributed refrigeration is much more energy efficient since you are opening the doors or drawers for only what you need. It used to be availed only through high end appliance manufacturers or restaurant equipment suppliers but you can find it now in consumer lines.

Chokingdogs 11-07-2012 11:24 AM

French door/bottom freezer fridges are the bee's knees. FWIW, I was talking with a guy a Home Depot and he said, of all the brands they carry ( fridges ), the LG units have the least amount of post-purchase service/warranty calls and issues. I don't know if that was accurate - first and foremost, or if that was Home Depot as a company, or just his store. LG I believe makes the Kenmore Elite one, as they both have the exact same ice maker in the door set-up.

I, personally, like the through the door ice/water, but that adds a decent amount of cost to them, whatever floats your boat.....

By 23 I imagine you're talking about 23 cubic feet in total. Bear in mind that's going to mean a case of 35 XX inches, so it's designed to fit into a 36" or wider opening. If your fridge is currently in one, and that opening is "open", no issue. If your fridge opening has a wall on one side, or some form of flat surface extending beyond where the handle would be with that side door fully open, you may run into issues. If there's interference with one door not fully opening, you wont be able to extend either the crisper door on that side and/or a full length drawer at the bottom of the fridge. The door handle will make contact with the/a wall before the door opens fully.

I'm running into that issue myself right now, the fridge area has a counter on one side, and a wall of the kitchen on the other. The opening is a full 36.5", but if I tried to slide a 35XX inch wide one in there, I'd be up the creek. There are some narrower, 32/33", that would fit, but those are a little smaller in terms of CF, not to mention MORE expensive than the bigger units.

hardwareman 11-07-2012 12:03 PM

LG units are the industry leader........... in service problems. My recommedations from my service experience.
1) Samsung
2) Maytag or Amana

Pianolady 11-07-2012 12:04 PM

We just bought our LG french door refrigerator a month ago, but love it so far. Our's is a smaller model (20 cu. ft. that fits into a 30" opening), but is very quiet, and we love the bottom freezer. It was the only smaller french door style we could find.

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