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jonathan03 01-16-2009 07:37 PM

Laundry Room Dimension Question
I have a 130 year old Victorian home and I want to add a second floor laundry room in this odd room that once had a toilet and is now outside the existing bathroom. I'm wondering if there is enough space in this room for it though. The room right now is 10' long by 27" wide. I looked up the standard washing/dryer machine widths and they are 24". Is the remaining 3" enough clearance? I'm planning to use thin plastic baseboard in this room only so it doesn't subtract floor width.

I'm planning for the door to be in the middle of the 10' section and the washing machine and dryer to be on the right and left of the door when you come in. The door will open outward into the hallway or instead of a door I'll get sliding or folding doors. I know it will be tight, but is it do-able?

Another issue is that there won't be enough room for a utility sink. I always see them by a washing machine, but are they are requirement by code? I was planning to run a PVC pipe behind the washer down into the floor.

In an old house with a stone foundation, the basement can be a little creepy. In addition, the bedrooms are all on the second and third floors so that eliminates two sets of stairs. Just imagine bringing laundry from the basement to the third floor!

Any ideas or things to think about before I do this? Thanks for the help.

gregzoll 01-17-2009 10:08 AM

Would be really tight on the sides, especially for a one piece unit. To install, you would have to have someone skinny enough to make the connections, then monkey over the unit before you drop the top part on.

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