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an4itio 10-09-2010 05:45 PM

Kitchenaid Ice Maker
I have a kitchenaid supera side by side about 3 years old. Ice maker quit working it will cycle from the 9 oclock position water will fill parks at the 2 oclock position makes ice put when the paddles get down to the 4 oclock position it quit and will not push the ice out, I put a jumper to make it go into harvest mode tray gets warm ice will melt but it will not cycle past about 6 oclock position

hardwareman 10-09-2010 09:34 PM

kind of confused by your question, if its at the 4 oclock position it is in the harvest mode, at this point the heater will come on and push the cubes out. all icemakers fill at the 1 oclock position, stops to freeze the cubes at about 2 oclocl. when the cubes are frozen and the thermostat closes, the harvest cycle begins, at 4 oclock the heater will come on until the cubes are released from the mold then the fingers will start moving again and push the cubes out. your problem sounds like either the motor is not srong enough to finish the cycle, not all to uncommon, or your icemaker is taking in way to much water and the cubes are way oversized, not allowing the fingers to reach the 4 oclock, heat position. how big are the cubes? ideal size is a perfect half moon, they should not be joined together. I'd be willing to bet you have a weak motor and will require a whole new ice maker. they run about $75.00

an4itio 10-09-2010 10:37 PM

Thanks for your reply. I am thinking the same thing about the motor. The heater is coming on but the fingers do not move past the 4 O clock and once or twice the 6 O clock position. The cubes or the right size and or not joined. I can remove the motor and put power to it and run it around to the 10 to 11 O clock position, reinstall the ice maker and it will run through the proper cycles till it is time to eject the ice

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