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dubosegriffin 10-19-2011 09:32 PM

Kitchen Aid it time for a new one

We bought a house with what appears to be an ancient kitchen aid dishwasher. The model is kudd230ywhi and the serial number is fc4701248. The problem is that when we run a cycle of dishes, the dishes are not really that clean and they have a terrible film on them. It seems to help when we run it in the pots and pan mode but not always. Are there any parts we can replace inside the machine that can improve this or is it time for a new one?

Thank you,
DuBose Griffin

oh'mike 10-20-2011 06:17 AM

Be practical --if it's ancient---replace it---Also check your water hardness--try using little or no dish soap---often that film is caused by improper rinsing (timer)--hard water (lime)---Soap crud-

jfrotten 10-20-2011 06:52 AM

They make all kinds of dishwasher cleaners, white vinegar works, CLR sometimes works but in my experience, the best cleaner is muriatic acid. Fill the dishwasher with water and advance the cycle to the point where the soap dish opens. Then, pour in about a cup of muriatic acid or whatever cleaner you want to use and let the dishwasher finish it's cycle. Lke I said, the pool acid provides the best results but if that makes you uncomfortable, they make a bunch of other products to clean your dishwasher.

Jacques 10-20-2011 08:16 AM

That was a transitional d/w. Whirlpool bought Hobart [mfg of KA] and started to change-read screwup and cheapen, the KA design. this d/w has a little of each. if it's in good condition; might want to keep it. nothing on the market now that will be as good. need to have it evaluated by pro-many reasons why giving poor wash-simple to complicated. little pricey now on replacement parts but was excellent d/w.

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