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pete0403 08-14-2011 02:35 PM

Kenmore Washer Cleaning
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Can anyone tell me how to disassemble the center part of my washer to clean it. It has a lot of fabric softener and soap buildup.

All I have from the previous home owner is a generic manual that has "Sept 1990" written on it.


gregzoll 08-14-2011 06:38 PM

Looks like not enough water has been used, along with too much chemicals in the loads. The cup on the top should just pull off, then from there, you can get to the nut to take off the agitator.

pete0403 08-14-2011 06:55 PM

I can move the whole drum by pulling up on the cup. Maybe it's glued with fab softener.

gregzoll 08-14-2011 07:23 PM

That is my thought. Ours is just held on by compression, against the cap on the top of the agitator.

hardwareman 08-14-2011 09:22 PM

pull really hard, it will come off.

pete0403 08-22-2011 10:22 AM

I found instructions for doing this, can someone clarify step 1?? What notch?


How to replace Whirlpool/Kenmore washer
dual action agitator ratchet ‘dogs’, kit # 285770
Tools needed: Screwdriver, 3/8" drive ratchet wrench, 7/16" socket (older models), 3/8" drive to 1/2" adapter (newer models), long 3/8" drive extension, small amt liquid detergent
1) Pry the agitator cap off by inserting a screwdriver into the cap’s notch
2) Pull the inner cap (if present) off – most Whirlpool machines use this inner cap, with a handle, to gain access to the center bolt
3) Remove the bolt in the center of the agitator
(Earlier models used a 7/16" hex-head steel bolt)
(Recent models use a 1/2" square drive plastic nut – use a 3/8" X 1/2" ratchet adapter)
4) On older models, grasp the bottom portion of the agitator and pull the entire ***’y off.
(Recent models allow just the top portion’s removal to access these ‘dogs’)
5) Older models – place the agitator on the floor, and, standing carefully on the bottom portion, pull the top half off. Turn it over, and the dogs will be accessible for replacement.
6) Newer model dogs can be replaced once the ratchet ***’y is removed. There are several versions currently in use, but most can be replaced without removing the bottom agitator half. All‘4-dog’versions use the 285770 kit, regardless of the cam ***’y style. (Older agitators, rarely seen now, used a pair of 2 larger dogs, which are a different part number)
7) On older versions, be careful to align the two tabs when inserting the upper ***’y back onto the agitator bottom half. When these are aligned, they will friction-fit the two halves together, making it easier to reinstall the ***’y. Handle it only by the bottom half to prevent pulling the top half off when reinstalling.
8) Lightly lubricate the agitator cap’s rubber gasket using a bit of dishwasher detergent, and push it back into place. (On the Whirlpools with an inner cap, lube that cap’s o-ring too – makes it easier to snap into place)
9) Reach around and pat yourself on the back! You just saved at least $75.00!

gregzoll 08-22-2011 11:39 AM

You have to pull the reservoir for the Fabric Softner, and under that there is a cap.

gregzoll 08-22-2011 11:42 AM

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Fabric Softner reservor.
Attachment 37074

What is under the reservor
Attachment 37075

Under the cap on top of the agitator.
Attachment 37076

pete0403 08-22-2011 03:19 PM

Oh I understand. The pulling of the reservoir has already been done before step #1. Thanks for the pics.

I'll have to get some hot water on my reservoir or something because I am 6' 200lbs and pulling on it with gloves on with all my might until my hands slide off and it's not budging...20 years of Snuggle buildup I guess.

Maybe i'll try some vinegar in the resevoir.

pete0403 08-23-2011 11:21 AM

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I got it off. I had to scrub the fabric softener away and then I saw the ring that said "pull up to remove". I pulled it up and the cup basically fell off. All clean now and the machine is flushing with hot water and vinegar.

Thanks for all your help! B-)

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