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Thurman 11-01-2010 09:50 PM

Just for laughs
Because I know you experienced HVAC people will, and that's fine. Someone gave me a compact refrigerator, less than two years old. It runs fine, just will not cool. The tag on the unit states that it is charged with "2.01 oz. R-134". Not I've done some A/C work on auto's and know that this is a very small charge. I've also been told to just scrap the unit as it cannot be charged. DO NOT tell me something like that. I get a "saddle valve" from the local HVAC supply house to fit the suction line and install it. Not sure how to measure with the gauges, so I just use the "suicide" hose on a can of 134. How to measure "2.01 oz" even if it needs that much? Not to worry, open the valve just a wee bit, then close it. Wait 15 minutes and it's not cooling. Hit it again with a tiny shot. Almost immediately I hear the expansion valve purging, something's working! Fifteen minutes later I have a cold mini-fridge. That was two weeks ago, and all is well. Now what to do with a can of 134 with probably 10-11 oz. of freon left in it. Maybe use the rest of the 134 to cool me a beer.

hardwareman 11-02-2010 08:02 PM

I would keep it handy bercause you sure as hell are going to need it to recharge that little puppy again and again.

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