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fromwithin 11-25-2009 11:45 PM

Island Range Hood?
We our in the process of building our new home. We have designed the kitchen with an island 5'x5' with a 36" gas grill. We are looking for an Island Range hood. We are trying to keep the kitchen very modern looking, so the range hood we are looking for must hae a modern look as well as function properly.
The range hood that we like as of right now is the Futuro Futuro Symbol

But the problem is that it's only 36" wide. Everyone I have talked to says you need at least a 42" to catch the smoke/odour etc.. And its even harder for these types of Range Hood to catch the smoke because its flat underneath and not concaved.And unfortunately they only make a 36" or 48". I feel the 48" will look to huge over the Island??

Does anyone have a 36" Island Gas range? What hood are you using?

Any suggestions or comments will help.

Thank you

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