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mhp8982 12-28-2011 12:49 PM

Installing a new Dish Washer
My husband and I bought our house about a year ago... we love the house, everything about it. The only thing it didn't have was a dishwasher! We've lived with it for awhile.. but now we are pregnant with our first baby and for sanitizing reasons.. and also just because we want it.. we decided to buy one and have it installed. We've had many people tell us how EASY it would be to do. So we finally went looking.. and we got the run around everywhere we went about installation. Of course you pay for installation for them basically to plug it in... which is stupid. So we started asking how easy it would be to install ourselves.. all of these people were saying it was so easy to take the cabinets the electrical wiring, plumbing, etc... but my husband and I don't feel confident in doing our own electrical work. We went to one final place where we found a dishwasher we really liked.. and we asked about installation. And the person who sold it to us told us how the installer will do all of this work.. that's what we pay them to do.. however their might be a little more charge. So we said ok.. and we bought it. Well my husband called to confirm today and the installer says they won't do any of that! So what are we paying them for???? So frustrating.

My husband calls his uncle who does this kind of work... lots of handyman type of things..he's pretty good. And he starts telling us how hard it will be.. and all the trouble we'd get into. He lives and hour away.. so it's hard for him to come look at it or help us. We are so frustrated. Not sure what we should do. How easy/hard is it really? We had our heart set on it. Now we don't know what to do... so we are just needing some advice...

acestarservices 12-28-2011 04:38 PM

If you are having such difficulty as to deciding to have it installed or not I would leave it to Tue professionals and pay to have of installed. Dealing with eletrical with no confidence is not the route to go. Pay to have it installed it is better safe than sorry.

hardwareman 12-28-2011 05:25 PM

ok installing a dishwasher from "scratch" is not an easy task no matter what anybody tells you. First you must decide what 24" cabinet you want to take out, usually that is the easiest part. After you remove your cabinet you will have to get hot water to it which will mean you have to tap into the hot water supply, install the necessary plumbing up to or close to your dishwasher. Then you must get electricity to it, then you have to get a drain from somewhere. So if you are allowed to do all this work yourself (local and state codes) you have to decide if you are handy enough to do all this work. I would strongly advise finding a handyman type person who can pull all the necessary permits and do all the work himself. But you may end up hiring a contractor who will in turn sub out all the work after he removes your cabinet for you. I would estimate a job like this at about $500.00 - $ 600.00. I've done more than my share of jobs like this from start to finish, it ain't easy.

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