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Sirlaidlaw 09-24-2011 07:56 AM

Inglis dishwasher pressure fix
I have an Inglis dishwasher which as I found out is made by Whirlpool. About a week ago it stopped washing the top rack dishes. It had been performing badly before this and was steadily worse but in the last week there was no pressure to spin the top arms.

I asked around and looked in here and found out how to take the connections apart to check for obstructions....none. I dug a bit deeper and someone posted how to get the next part out to clear away any build up near the pump. I did that good. So I kept reading and someone had posted how to remove the pump to replace it.

I am always extra cautious so when I tried to get into the third segment of the guts, I wanted to make sure that it was worth doing - I mean, if its a couple of hundred dollars to get a new pump, I'd just buy a new dishwasher for a bit more than that. So I called our local appliance sales and service guy. He asked me these questions:

Which dishwasher model I had - turns out its a tall tub (one of the 4 Whirlpool had out about 5 years ago).

Did it have 1/2 inch holes running around the edge of the drainage system - it did.

What was it doing exactly? I told him the water pressure to the top rack wasn't there - it was just dribbling. The bottom rack seemed to be cleaning. I had already cleared alot of debris out of the system.

He then told me that if I had already removed the two screws that held the water connections in and rotated it out and removed the 4 torque screws and had the next cover off, I should be able to see the filter cover. He assured me that the filters were plugged. I had cleaned the outermost one but there are two more - one under a cover and beyond that one, one in front of the pump.

I removed the single torque screw that held that cover on and cleaned out even more debris but I could then see the filter that was the major problem. It was clogged and since the holes were about 1/2 the size of a toothpick - it was not able to pump the water.

He had this warning - when you remove the filter screen, the pin will come out. This pin spins a cutting blade to break up food through the wash cycle. This pin, when trying to get it back in, is spring loaded and must be put in position onto a slotted arm of the pump. He said it was very tricky, wished me luck and said he could send a repair guy out in a week if I couldn't get it.

I took it all apart and cleaned it. I spent about an hour frustrating my self as I worked at getting that pin back in but once I got it and put everything back together - SUCCESS!!!

Just wanted to share in case anyone else needed to know what to do.

VIPlumber 09-24-2011 03:42 PM

That was very informative, thanks!

Gary in WA 09-26-2011 09:37 PM

Welcome to the forum, thanks for the fix info!
Moving you to "Appliances"....


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