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BCarmean 08-04-2011 03:47 PM

Ice Maker Not making Ice
What did I do wrong after installing a new ice maker? It will dispense water into maker but will not make any ice, had frozen water all over everything when opened the door but, no cubes in bucket.

jcarlin57 08-09-2011 10:01 PM

just got a used amana arse667bs sweet deal but can't make the ice maker work is there a on or off switch to make it start working,filter say change would that have any thing to do with it not working ,little help in this matter would make the world sweeter,or at lease chilling.

Floyd Chandler 08-10-2011 01:38 AM

ice maker not making ice solution
It sounds like the bail arm is not coming all the way down. This happens a lot on side mount ice makers. not so much on rear mount units.

First check to make sure the water hose going to the ice maker is not crimped or the valve is not off. Second make sure the hose is not frozen on the end...the ice would plug up the water flow...lastly I would check out the level arm and make sure it is operating correctly. There should be a limit switch that it bumps into when the tray is full, double check to make sure this is functioning correctly

hope this helps :0

Here is actually the normal process:
We all know that fridges have an ice maker which is connected to water hookup. This hookup is in turn connected to an icemaker with the help of a hose. This is connected with the help of a hose that normally opens and closes.
• As the icemakers gets empty or when it is low the handle which is inside the fridge falls. This triggers a switch.
• When the switch is triggered it sends a message through an electric current to the valve requesting it to open.
• The valve opens and water freely flows inside the icemaker.
• This water gets stored in molds which look quite like ice cube trays.
• When there is enough water in the trays, the valve shuts down.
• This water inside the molds starts freezing in a very normal way. It is all about the temperature set and the time elapsed.
• The icemaker usually is aware of the changes in water temperature – hence when solid ice is formed it is much aware of the dip in temperature.
• As the cubes pile up and start blocking the handle – this is a signal to stop producing more ice.

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hardwareman 08-10-2011 08:16 AM

sounds like maybe you did not get the fill tube installed properly.

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