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AlKapone 09-18-2011 08:22 PM

how far can i move a washing machine from the water feed?
What's up. I opened my mouth and mentioned moving my wife's grandmoms w.m. and dryer to her main living level so she could avoid the steps. Well now I gotta do it:( I'm an electrician so dryers a cake walk. But I'm no plumber. So my ques. Iscan I just run the rubber flex line up stairs on the feed? And same for the drain? Can't be that easy right? I'm looking at about 25' or so from the water supply. Am I just asking for trouble here, any advise will be considered. The cheaper the better. Thanx mike

Bud Cline 09-18-2011 09:34 PM

You run the water supplies from the neighbor's house three blocks away if you want to. The drain is a different thing. The washer needs a standpipe drain adjacent to the wash machine for it to work properly. You better call a plumber in this case.:) you are wanting it to be way too easy.:)

hardwareman 09-18-2011 10:23 PM

Bud is right, you'll have to run a stand pipe over to the washer for the drain.

AlKapone 09-18-2011 10:39 PM

Yea, you're speaking French to me so I definitely will consult a plumber buddy. Thanx. What about a tray for light spiills under the washer? Do they have something like that at supply houses, box stores or is their a method to build one? Guesstimate on a price if so? Definitely balling on a budget here. I'll be lucky if I get a cold beer out to the deal!

gregzoll 09-18-2011 10:58 PM

As far as the hose & attached cord will reach, without adding to them.

Bud Cline 09-19-2011 07:13 AM

Yes there are trays.:) Where you going to drain the tray to?:)

AlKapone 09-19-2011 06:02 PM

The utility sink just below it in the basement ...

VIPlumber 09-19-2011 09:26 PM

Sheet metal supply house, or shop, will carry the type of tray you're looking for. It'll be a square version of what goes under a hot water tank. I guess that it could be ~$100. I think the hot water tanks ones are $50 around here.

gregzoll 09-19-2011 09:31 PM

A hundred bucks VIP. You can get the trays for under $30, that are made by Lambro. Same company that makes utility sinks.

Now, the best solution would be to use Detra & make the whole room into a tray, with a proper drain line to allow the overflow to carry away. With using the Lambro trays, they will need a sensor, that will allow for the water to be shut off, along with power to the washer, if the pump to empty it craps out.

AlKapone 09-19-2011 10:19 PM

Its a bedroom bro.

gregzoll 09-19-2011 10:45 PM

Not even worth it. And I am not your brother. Personally, a washing machine, dryer, etc belong in a utility room, garage if in a warmer climate, or basement if there is one available. The placement of a washing machine in a living space will not only cause health problems due to the humidity from using, but also the moisture from the machines, will help to spur the growth of mold & mildew.

VIPlumber 09-19-2011 11:01 PM


Originally Posted by gregzoll (Post 731935)
You can get the trays for under $30, that are made by Lambro.

Good to know, thanks.:thumbsup: Never seen those in the big boxes around here.

AlKapone 09-20-2011 01:26 AM

Thanks for the heads up, but an elderly woman and the basement steps are more of a health concern then the moisture. She also does not sleep in this room. I'm sure I can figure out a way to dehumidify it if needed. Evidently the drainage system will be my Achilles heel.

Master of Cold 09-20-2011 09:37 PM

Send the wife over to do the laundry...
Problem solved.

ddawg16 09-21-2011 12:05 AM


Originally Posted by Master of Cold (Post 732659)
Send the wife over to do the laundry...
Problem solved.

best answer

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