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roger w 11-06-2012 06:08 PM

Hot Water Vent
I need to install vent piping on gas water heater of home that was recently purchased. It is missing and fumes are currently going into the attic. There is a hole in the roof for the vent but my concern is as follows.
I have seen a lot of information on how to properly install with the exception of how to keep the roof (wood decking and shingles) from getting to hot from contact with the pipe and possibly catching fire. Should this be a concern or is there a way of doing the job correctly. The pipe feels VERY HOT to the touch.

joecaption 11-06-2012 06:19 PM

Your dumping CO2 into the whole house.

GBrackins 11-06-2012 07:10 PM

In the areas I have worked this installation would require a permit and inspection due to the life safety issues. not only must there be an exhaust vent for products of combustion, but fresh air intake must be provided. if not then you run the risk of producing carbon monoxide (CO) which is an odorless, colorless, tasteless toxic gas which is slightly lighter than air. it is a product of incomplete combustion.

Separation of combustibles from the vent depends on the type of venting system used. Check with the manufacturer's specifications.

I would recommend contacting your building department and inquire about requirements. Also I would consider hiring a professional to perform the installation due to the liability.

just my humble thoughts ...

Good luck!

hvac benny 11-06-2012 09:21 PM

Your water heater vent should be b-vent (double wall pipe) which requires 1" separation from combustibles. Single wall pipe (c-vent) requires 6" separation, but can only be used as a vent connector, and some inspectors won't allow it at all. Turn off your water heater until you have it properly vented out the roof, as venting to an attic can cause down drafting of the exhaust, where Carbon Monoxide (CO) can enter your living space. There are different manufacturers of b vent, and they aren't always able to be connected together, so make sure you buy the same brand, or one that is compatible. You'll also need an approved termination, which has to be above the roof a certain distance, and to size it properly. If you need help sizing it, just ask. Sometimes the supplier will help you with this.

Edit: the above poster suggested you hire a pro to do this, and I completely agree. But, seeing as this is a DIY site, I'd rather help you avoid potentially life threatening mistakes if you decide to do it yourself. This is a task that could be harmful to you and others.

hardwareman 11-07-2012 12:07 PM

do the smart thing and hire a professional.

roger w 11-07-2012 06:52 PM

Thank you HVAC BENNY for your help. The information in your reply is what I was wanting to know.
Even when hiring a "professional" I like to be educated on how the repairs should be made. I have learned the hard way as I am sure many people have that those hired to do a job do not always do it correctly, even if they have the skills and training to do so. Trust but verify is a good rule to follow in my book.
Thanks to every one for the replies, I take them all seriously and will find a pro to do the job and also have a good idea if it is done the right way.

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